10 Best Theme Song Ringtones

The ten best theme song ringtones catch your attention without annoying everyone around you. Television theme songs, and a handful of film theme songs, are the perfect way to do both. The key to using your ringtone to maximum effect is to change it up frequently. You'll pay closer attention to the calls and your friends won't be ready to kill you every time your cell rings. 

  1. "The Love Boat." The 1970s tune that opened the ocean adventure show is also available as a theme-song ringtone. Fans of the show will immediately recognize the vocals. It's a great ringtone for actual cruise vacations or boat excursions. 
  2. "Addam's Family." No need for your ringtone to get the to lyrics, the first few chords of the "Addam's Family" theme song. If you are late to pick up, the lyrics begin, "They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky." The theme song is a good selection when you're receiving numerous calls from work for a special project. 
  3. "Star Trek." The "Star Trek" theme is so popular that even Garth of "Wayne's World" can whistle the tune. Trekkies like the reminder of their favorite TV show and it's a good way to search out other Spock fans in public. 
  4. "Beverly Hlllbillies." Even if the theme song dates you by decades, the theme song from the "Beverly Hillbillies" is familiar. It's a great theme song ringtone for folks when they're digging up crude–or driving through Beverly Hills, California. 
  5. "Charlie's Angels." Out with the girls for an adventure? Add the theme song from this show to your ringtones for a laugh. If you're named Charlie and you have a harem of women, you might also be interested in adding this tune to your cell. 
  6. "The Lone Ranger." Add this theme song to the 1950s television show only if you know how to make an entrance. Most people know the first few bars from the film so use this ringtone sparingly–and only when you think you're coming to someone's rescue. 
  7. "Mission Impossible." This is an excellent ringtone selection for heading out on a vacation that you're not sure will turn out as planned. It's also a great theme song ringtone for a business person out for a day in sales. Man or woman up with this famous theme song. 
  8. "Shaft." The bass line rocks the introduction of this theme song and the ringtone of this tune attracts attention and rocks your purse or pocket. This ringtone theme song from the 1970s film is reserved for bad ass people—really bad ass people. Wimps need not apply. 
  9. "Star Wars." This space-themed ringtone is good for sci-fi fans and the people who love them. You'll get looks and be prepared to answer questions about traveling in hyper-space. 
  10. The "Avatar" theme, also more formally known as "I See You" by Leona Lewis. It's the perfect best theme song ringtone for "Avatar" fans. It's also a great reminder to do your part for your personal environment. No more foam latte cups or plastic water bottles! This ringtone keeps you on the eco straight and narrow. 
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