10 Best Tom Cruise Movies


It is hard to pick the 10 best Tom Cruise movies, and even harder to choose if one is better than another. The best Tom Cruise movies have a variety of different plots and diverse characters to choose from. From a blood-sucking vampire to a spoiled yuppie who was left almost nothing in his father’s will, Cruise has pulled off every role.

  1. "Cocktail" Tom Cruise plays Brian Flanagan, an entertaining bartender that leaves New York for Jamaica, where he meets and falls in love with a rich girl on vacation.  After taking a stupid bet, Brian breaks the girls heart and she leave to go back to New York. Brian follows trying to win her back.
  2. "Rain Man" Cruise plays Charlie Babbitts, a self-centered yuppie that is left only a car and rose bushes when his wealthy father passes away. The rest of the fortune is left to an autistic brother, Raymond, that Charlie never knew existed. After a cross country road trip a brotherly bond was forged.
  3. "Top Gun" Maverick was a cocky fighter pilot played by Cruise. He thought he was better than the rest, and only his cockiness overshadowed his abilities.
  4. "Days of Thunder" Tom Cruise plays NASCAR rookie Cole Trickle, who falls for his doctor after winding up in the hospital. The cocky Russ Wheeler and hot-tempered Trickle prove to be a dangerous combination.
  5. "Jerry McGuire" Jerry McGuire is a sports agent who quits his large firm to start his own company based on actually knowing the customer and giving the customer exactly what he needs. The road ahead for Jerry is rough when only one customer follows to his new business.  
  6. "Mission: Impossible" In this best Tom Cruise movie, Cruise plays Ethan Hunt. Hunt is a CIA Agent that works for a part of the CIA that doesn’t exist. He is thought to be disloyal and needs to prove otherwise.
  7. "Mission: Impossible II" Agent Ethan Hunt is at it again. Only this time he is off to Australia to find and destroy a biological weapon before it can be released.
  8. "Mission: Impossible III" Secret Agent Ethan Hunt has to protect his identity hidden to protect his girlfriend from his newest mission, a arms dealer.
  9. "Interview with a Vampire" Cruise brilliantly plays Lestat de Lioncourt, who holds no mercy when it comes to getting the blood he desperately needs. He is quite disappointed in his newest recruit when he starts feeding off of rats and stray animals to get his fix.
  10. "Risky Business" Tom Cruise in his underwear, nothing more needs to be said. This best Tom Cruise movie set a precedent for boys everywhere. Since 1983, there has not been a single boy who has watched this movie that has not done a power slide in his underwear, playing the air guitar.

The list of the best Tom Cruise movies has evolved over the years, just as he has as an actor. From the horny teenager to the special agent, Cruise has portrayed many roles and has become a favorite actor for many people.

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