10 Best Trance Songs

The 10 best trance songs showcase the captivating melodic sounds of this popular form of electronic music that began in the 1990’s. Here are the 10 best trance songs of all time!

  1. "Born Slippy .NUXX" by Underworld. This is the best trance song out there, by the popular British electronic group Underworld. The incredibly catchy beats are accompanied by a steady flow of lyrical nonsense. This classic trance or hard trance song has also been one of the most popular ever in Europe and beyond!

  2. "Sandstorm" by Darude. "Sandstorm" is one of the most popular trance songs. This anthem trance song has an incredible beat and is one of the best trance songs of all time as it easily appeals to the masses.

  3. "Cafe Del Mar" by Energy 52. The incredibly popular "Cafe Del Mar" by the trance project Energy 52 was originally released in 1993 and has only been increasing in popularity since then, with dozens of remixes having been made and likely many more remixes ahead!

  4. "Halcyon On and On" by Orbital. "Halcyon On and On" is an amazing, ambient trance song by the British electronic duo Orbital and will have you endlessly intrigued by the building beats and beautiful background vocals.

  5. "Divine Moments of Truth" by Shpongle. Arguably the strangest trance song on this list of the top 10 trance songs, Shpongle's incredible way of creating beautifully, strange music is perfectly showcased in their song "Divine Moments of Truth".

  6. "Age of Love (Jam and Spoon Mix)" by The Age of Love. "Age of Love", first released in 1990, is considered to be the first trance single by many and is a very popular trance song choice for remixes and compilations.

  7. "Love Stimulation  (Paul Van  Dyk's Love Mix)" by Humate. Paul Van Dyk's "Love Mix" of Humate's "Love Stimulation" is certainly one of Paul Van Dyk's best trance mixes, with its intense, building beats and melodies.

  8. "Dark Train" by Underworld. Underworld's incredible song "Dark Train" from their "Dark & Long" album showcases their ambient trance style magnificently, making this song one of the best 10 trance songs of all time.

  9. "LSD" by Hallucinogen. This trippy and upbeat psytrance/goa trance tune by Simon Posford's Hallucinogen is sure to entrance listeners.

  10. "Porcelain" by Moby. "Porcelain", from Moby's album "Play", is a well known song by popular electronica artist Moby featuring gorgeous instrumental rhythms along with lyrics by Moby.



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