10 Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

The 10 best triathlon cycling shoes open up opportunities for the athlete for more than just cycling. Triathlon cycling shoes can also help the athlete save time between shoe changes. These ten best triathlon cycling shoes provide a superior cycling shoe but also the durability to hit the asphalt running. The triathlon is a grueling sport. Any advantage you can get in a triathlon is well worth it. These 10 best triathlon cycling shoes will provide you with that advantage and option. These 10 best triathlon cycling shoes are lightweight, durable and sleek. These are wonderful triathlon cycling shoes that are made for the serious athlete.

  1. Sidi T-2.6Carbon Lite Triathlon Shoe: is a high performance shoe with the long haul in mind. Lightweight construction with a durable under sole makes this shoe idea to tackle the grueling events ahead. The tongueless design makes it a quick on/off and the dual straps keep it secure.
  2. The Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS Shoe: is one of the finest designed shoes on the market. This carbon-soled shoe is lightweight and durable. Added stitching makes it a sure fit and long haul shoe, keeping the foot as dry and comfortable as possible.
  3. Scott Tri Carbon w/ Carbon Heel Cup Triathlon Shoe: ultra lightweight but provides outstanding security and stability. This second skin shoe is ultra comfortable and nicely tackles the days events. Sturdy and well designed, this is one of the top shoes on the market.
  4. Shimano SH-TR51 Triathlon Shoe:is one of the sports first true triathlon shoe. It provides a secure heel and a strong carbon under sole. The material is soft, lightweight and promotes the breathing of the feet. This shoe set the standard for the market and is still one of the best around.
  5. Shimano SH-TR70 Custom Fit Triathlon Shoe:provides a foot-molded custom fit to give the real feel of second skin. The carbon-based construction is durable and lightweight. An exceptional design places this durable and road tested shoe among the best.
  6. Pearl Izumi Tri Fly III Carbon: is perhaps the next generation shoe. The design is sleek, lightweight and road weary. The inner sole promotes a dry and less fatigue foot. This shoe boasts double stitching for durability and practicality.
  7. Louis Garneau Tri Air Compo: is nylon mesh atop carbon composite outsole. This provides a lightweight shoe that breathes as if the foot was bare. The design molds to the cyclist feet and provides a stable foothold.
  8. Sidi T-2 Carbon Composite Triathlon Shoe: is a step below its big brother the 2.6 but offers much of the same amenities. Sure fit with a fantastic out and under sole with upgraded construction. This shoe is a great option for the tri-athlete wanting to get their game on but not sure on the stay ability.
  9. Scott Tri Carbon Triathlon Shoe: is where comfort meets the foot and the foot meets the peddle. This is an awesome shoe that provides the needs of the cyclist and also the demands of the road. A durable construction with dual strap hold puts this shoe on the foot until you remove it.
  10. Pearl Izumi Men's Tri Fly II Triathlon Shoe: is a great shoe to round out the bet ten. This shoe provides a carbon-based under sole and a lightweight construction. It is durable and able to tackle those long days of competition. A very affordable younger brother that doesn’t skimp on technology or material.
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