10 Best Turkish Actress

The 10 best Turkish actress live or were born in Turkey. They have starred on TV shows or movies that appear in Turkey. They have won awards, starred in several films throughout their career and some are still acting now. Although in the past, Turkey cinema has been dominated by men, more and more women are taking over the big screen.  Here is your guide to the 10 best Turkish actress.

  1. Filiz Akin. Filiz was born Suna Akin in 1943. She is the best Turkish actress because she has appeared in more than 120 films, mainly in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Some of the films she has starred in are “Kadin Berberi,” “Mirasyedi,” and “Son Mektup.”
  2. Meltem Cumbul. Graduating from college at the age of 21, she earned her degree in drama. She was a TV host for a reality show and a TV game show. She played the lead roles in movies such as: Sahte Dunyalar” and “Kansik Pizza.”
  3. Nehir Erdogan. Nehir is a best Turkish actress mainly due to the fact that she starred in a famous Turkish mini-series titled “Yabanci Damat.” Her current movie, “Broken Angel,” was produced by Warner Brothers and appears in movie theaters throughout Turkey.
  4. Vildan Atasever. Vildan started acting at age 15. Her first role was in the TV show “Kadin Isterse.” She won the Golden Orange award for Best Actress in 2005 for her role in “Iki Genckiz.”
  5. Sibel Kekilli. Sibel definitely qualifies as a best Turkish actress because she has won five awards for her acting roles. She has won two of those awards in 2010. She has won the highest German award, Lola, twice.
  6. Hale Soygazi. Born in Istanbul in 1950, Hale landed her first acting role as the lead in “Karamurat.” She has appeared in over 40 films.
  7. Idil Uner. Idil made the list of best Turkish actress because not only is she an amazing actress but she is also a movie director and songwriter. She is married to actor Laurens Walter.
  8. Fatma Girik. Fatma is an award winning best Turkish actress. She is now the mayor of the district of Sisli in Istanbul. She has appeared in over 180 films.
  9. Adile Nasit. Adile came from a family of actors and actresses. Her mother was an Armenian theater actress, her father was a Turkish comedian and her sibling was a theater actor. She passed away in 1987. Her first role was in the movie “The Sore.”
  10. Derya Alabora. Derya graduated from Mimar Sinan University with a degree in theater. She won two Golden Orange awards for her roles in "Masumiyet" and "Yengeç Sepeti".
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