10 Best Turkish Love Songs

Turkish Music has a sound that can be heard in these ten best Turkish love songs. Turkey is a land that combines the best of two worlds. It is heavily influenced both by Middle Eastern culture and by Europe. Its modern music shows this by combining the two musical styles of East and West into a sound that is uniquely Turkish.

  1. "Hastalikta Sailikta" by Mustafa Ceceli. Mustafa Ceceli is a Turkish pop-singer who shot to super stardom almost immediately after releasing his first album in 2009. His powerful voice and strong stage presence combine with tender lyrics and heartfelt emotions to make his Turkish love songs popular around the world.
  2. "Biz Aski Meleklerden Çaldik" (We Stole Love From the Angels) by Burcu Gunes. Turkey stands at the crossroads of two cultures, and it is apparent in this song and video. Burcu Gunes sings in a western culture pop style with a flute playing slight undertones of eastern music. Her fluid dance steps with a heavy dependence on arm movements also give an eastern flavor to this lovely Turkish love song.
  3. "Sil bastan" by Anne Marie. In this Turkish love song, a lover asks his betrothed, "Do you have the strength to look for a very small pearl in the deep ocean? Do you still have the bravery to talk with me about love?" This popular song was covered by a lot of artists. This 1975 rendition features a full orchestra providing a wall of sweeping sound as was popular in the 1950's through the mid-'70's.
  4. "Çok Özlüyorum" (I Miss You So Much) by Gökhan Tepe. This Turkish love song reached number one on the charts in February of 2010. It tells a story so popular in love songs of any language of two people who let their love die and then realize later how much it meant to them.
  5. "Kaderimsin" (You're My Destiny) by Cengiz Kurtoglu. This song ends with the refrain, "You're my destiny, you're my destiny, I'll always be in love with you." Like so many love songs, it is a tale of sorrow and loss. Cengiz Kurtoglu was an icon of Turkish pop music in the eighties and still has a loyal fan group who call themselves, Cengizciler (Fans of Cengiz).
  6. "Terlemeden Sevisenle" (People Who Are Making Love Without Sweating) by Teoman. Although the title loses something in translation, this soft-rock number has a serious theme about the lack of commitment some people feel for a relationship. Born Fazl? Teoman Yakupo? lu the popular Turkish singer is of Romani (Gypsy) heritage.
  7. "Hani Gitmeyecektin" (You Said You Were Not Going to Leave) by Hatice. The title says it all. Hatice is a young Turkish folk/pop singer who does justice to this sad tale of love and loss. Is there any such thing as a happy Turkish Love song.
  8. "Aci veriyor" (It Hurts to Love) by Hande Yener. In this Turkish love song, the singer begs God for another chance at love but at the same time she fears it because it hurts to love all over again. Hande Yener was nominated for best Turkish act in 2008 at the MTV Europe Music Awards.
  9. "Aglayan Kus" (A Bird Who Is Crying) by Cengiz Imren. "I have been hurt so. I have been torn to pieces." In this Turkish love song, the anguished singer compares himself to a bird with a broken wing who gets rained on all the time. The song, though sad, is haunting and lovely with a decidedly Middle Eastern sound.
  10. "Bir Veda Hikayesi" (A Farewell Story) by Gorkhan Ozen. Love hurts! It is like being sentenced for a lifetime of having a dagger in the heart. Never mind that a lifetime with a dagger in your heart is a pretty short one. The point here is pain – not logic. If there is a prize given out for saddest love song ever, this one should win. In spite of everything, it is a beautiful song and deserves to be ranked among the ten best Turkish love songs.
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