10 Best TV Quotes

What could be the ten best TV quotes of all time. With the thousands of shows and memorable characters that have graced the screen over the years, how do you single out ten TV quotes as being the best? Well it ain't easy. But, because you want to know, check out these ten TV quotes. These TV quotes span the years of television. These particular TV quotes are from some of the greatest characters ever to appear on the tube.

  1. "Lucy, esplane." Remember Ricky Ricardo? Lucy's husband. Well "The Lucy show" is a classic, and so is this particular TV quote. Lucy was known for getting into trouble. So much in fact, that you could expect Ricky to ask her what she was up to nearly every episode. "Esplain Lucy, esplain".
  2. "Eat my shorts". Who doesn't recognize this TV quote from the most famous cartoon character of all time. Bart Simpson. He had a myriad of classic smart ass one-liners. But, this was by far the most recognizable.
  3. "I brought you in this world, and I'll take you out!" Bill Cosby as the greatest TV dad of all time, Heathcliff Huxtable. This particular episode had to be one of the funniest episodes of the "Cosby Show". Theo, Heathcliff's son, comes up with some lame excuse for getting bad grades, and Heathcliff goes off!
  4. "How you doin?" Yeah, guys may not have liked "Friends," but enough women did to give the show a cult following. This particular quote was often delivered by the character Joey. If you can find the humor in it, please explain it to everyone. Guys everywhere want to know.
  5. "Save the cheerleader, save the world." This quote was not only the most spoken phrase in "Heroes" season one, it became the foundation of the very plot. "Heroes" may have only lasted for four seasons, but it thrust a very beautiful Hayden Panettiere into the lime light. She just happened to be the cheerleader that needed saving.
  6. "Beam me up Scotty." You sci-fi nerds know this one. Captain Kirk, played by the very awesome William Shatner, said this at least once a show. For all the rest of you, this quote comes from the original "Star Trek". Yes, the original. Not all of those following weak attempts to expand the "Star Trek" universe.
  7. "Did I do that?" "Family Matters." It may as well be called "The Steve Urkel Show." When this show was on the air, Steve Urkel was the king of the sitcom. His annoyingly nerdy ways made him an instant hit. He was very accident prone. Whenever he would break something, fall over something, or generally cause some sort of havoc, he's squeak out a "Did I do that?".
  8. "Gee, Wally?" Talk about corny. Who doesn't remember this TV quote from "Leave it To Beaver." Did Beaver ever do anything wrong? What a little wholesome Mr goodie two shoes. Well, like him or love him, you do know his famous TV quote.
  9. "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" Arnold Jackson, played by Gary Coleman on the hit show "Different Strokes," was probably the most famous little short dude in the history of TV. So famous in fact that a slew of impersonators tried to pop up? Just check out "Webster." Anyway, "Whatchu talkin bout Willis?" is easily one of the best and most noticeable quotes in TV history.
  10. "Ruff, ruff ruff." You may not recognize this quote as it's written. Think "Tool Time." Think "Tim the Toolman Tailor." Yes, this quote is for any and every guy that tried to work on something and it blew up in his face. This quote is from the classic TV show "Home Improvement."
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