10 Best TV Show Couples Of All Time

It can be a little tricky when it comes to picking the 10 best TV couples of all time considering how many great TV couples there has been. Think about it. There have been couples that seem so passionate, couples which seem to have so much fun together, and there were couples which we envied. However, if we had to pick the 10 best, here they are:

  1. Luke and Laura from General Hospital: They were the darlings of the soap world way back in the 1980’s. Yes, they had a rocky start with the rape and everything. However, eventually, they admitted their true feelings. On the day of their historic wedding, people stayed home from work and school. It was a ratings dream.
  2. Ross & Rachel from Friends: The 1990’s centered on Friends. We loved the hairdos and we loved wondering whether this two would finally end up together.
  3. Bobby and Pam from Dallas:  This couple suffered through miscarriages, car crashes, waking up and finding out a whole year was gone, yet they remained in love.
  4. Homer and Marge from the Simpson: Yes, this is an animated couple. However, it is one couple that will do anything for each other.
  5. Cliff and Claire from the Cosby Show:  The reason they are a favorite couple among many is that they shared not only love, but laughter, as they tried to be good parents. Got to love the combination.
  6. Rob and Laura from the Dick Van Dyke Show:  Back in the day when television was not allowed to show couples sharing a same bed together, Rob and Laura still made their viewers see how madly in love they were for each other.
  7. Lucy and Ricky from I love Lucy:  They were known as the first super couple. They brought us laughter and a lot of wackiness.
  8. David and Maddie from Moonlighting: Yes, they tried to hide their attraction from each other through banter. However, their audience saw through it from the very first day and couldn’t wait for them to admit their true feelings.
  9. Sam and Diane from Cheers: The passion began when they first met. However, it was hard for brainy Diane to admit that she had feelings for a womananizer like Sam.
  10. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl: They fight and they make up. Then they fight some more. These two are from the same world and are made from the same cloth. That is why sometimes they just can’t get along, no matter how deeply they are in love.
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