10 Best TV Shows 2007

Looking for the 10 best TV shows 2007? It was a great year for television, but rather than giving you an opinionated list on what shows we, or some critic, considered to be the best, we will let the numbers speak for themselves. Here is a list of the ten best, most-watched TV shows of 2007.

  1. "American Idol" It is no wonder that this talent juggernaut takes the first slot. This was back when the judges line-up was still good and new, original talent was being discovered. "American Idol" was at its peak during this time.
  2. "Dancing with the Stars" Another talent-reality show takes the second spot. This TV show pairs ordinary celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, and the good, the bad and the ugly ensue.
  3. "Desperate Housewives" This was also back in the midst of "Desperate Housewives"' uber-popularity.  You couldn't meet a woman who didn't watch this TV show–and some men, too.
  4. "House" We've all seen those typical, case-by-case medical shows. "House" takes this format to another level, making the TV show character based, rather than centered around insane medical drama. It is no wonder that this TV show is fourth in the rankings.
  5. "CSI" No one should be surprised at this TV show's appearance on the list. It is considered the ultimate in crime shows, and we guarantee you that if you are not a CSI-junkie, one of your friends is.
  6. "Grey's Anatomy" Another medical show, this one seemingly addicted to character drama. With its large ensemble cast, there is always something going on in that hospital. Besides the medical emergencies, that is.
  7. "Sunday Night Football" Football is a classic television establishment, so it is really no wonder to see it on the list. 
  8. "Survivor: China" As one of the longest-running reality TV shows, its appearance on the list makes sense.  Even in its old age, it is garnering mass appeal.
  9. "The Moment of Truth" This is the first game show of this list, and, with its intensity and high drama, one can surely understand why. Pitting love against money, along with a lie detector test, is television gold.
  10. "NCIS" This TV show takes the classic crime show model and focuses it on the Navy and Marine Corps. As a spin-off of JAG, a TV show that had a ten season run, its popularity is somewhat obvious.
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