10 Best TV Shows Of The ’60s

What are the 10 best tv shows of the 60's? The 70's were probably the golden age of television shows, but their predecessors in the 60's created some of the most memorable shows in television history.  Without some of these classic shows, the television industry may have never been the same.  These are the 10 best television shows of the 60's.

  1. “Patty Duke Show”.  “The Patty Duke Show” was one of the best television shows of the 60's mainly because of its star, Patty Duke.  Patty Duke played two parts, Patty and  her identical cousin Kathy.  Is it possible for cousins to be identical?  Probably not, but the show was still good.

  2. “Bewitched”.  “Bewitched” was a very entertaining television show in the 60's but a lot of people at the time would try and twitch their nose like Samantha.  In other words, a lot of people in the 60's probably looked like morons.
  3. “Gunsmoke”.  “Gunsmoke” could be categorized as one of the best television shows of the 50's, 60's or 70's.  “Gunsmoke” was on the air for 20 seasons, a record at the time, and before that it was a radio show that lasted for nine years.
  4. “Gilligan's Island”.  Decades before J. J. Abrams gave us “Lost”, it was the crew of the S. S. Minnow that was everybody's favorite castaways.  Not only was “Gilligan's Island” one of the best television shows of the 60's but it had one of the best theme songs too.  It's always easy to remember all the characters on the show thanks to the catchy theme song.
  5. “The Addam's Family”.  For years television and movie audiences had been taught that monsters were always bad.  Then the “Addam's Family” came along and showed that monsters can be good too, sort of.  It is that kind of creativity that makes the “Addam's Family” one of the best television shows of the 60's.

  6. “The Flintstones”.  “The Flintstones” took a popular television show, “the Honeymooners”, and made a cartoon version set in the Stone Age.  “The Flintstones” is one of the best television shows of the 60's and possibly the greatest animated television show of all-time.  For about 40 years “The Flintstones” stood as the only animated show to get a nomination for best television show at the Emmys.

  7. “Get Smart”.  “Get Smart” was written by the brilliant Mel Brooks and was one of the best parodies of all-time.  Don Adams and Barbara Feldon never really went on to do anything else but remained very popular due to their roles in “Get Smart”.

  8. “Dick Van Dyke Show”.  The “Dick Van Dyke Show” was one of the first great family sitcoms.  Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore would both go on to be icons in the television industry and the show won a total of 15 Emmy Awards.

  9. “Bonanza”.  “Bonanza” is second to Gunsmoke for the longest running Western of all-time, but the Cartwrights brought a lot more fun to the television set with an all-star cast of Lorne Green, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon.  

  10. “The Andy Griffith Show”.  Almost anybody with a television knows either Andy Griffith, Don Knotts or Ron Howard and most of those people know all three.  Andy Griffith was a wildly popular show that never ranked lower than 7th in the Nielsen Rankings though strangely Andy Griffith, the show, nor Ron Howard were never awarded an Emmy.  Don Knotts did win five Emmys for his portrayal of Barney Fife.
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