10 Best TV Shows to Watch Stoned

To make the list of 10 best TV shows to watch stoned, a series has to be creative, captivating and, in most cases, funny. From England’s “The Mighty Boosh” to Pawnee’s “Parks and Recreation,” here are the most entertaining shows to watch high.

  1. “The Mighty Boosh.” Riddled with musical numbers, comedy sketches, puppet shows and animated sequences, nothing tops “The Mighty Boosh” on the list of ten best shows to watch stoned. The brainchild of British comedy duo Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, this modern day “Monty Python” introduced the world to crimping–modern day scats that appear throughout each episode. Stoners will love immersing themselves in the psychedelic “Boosh” universe.
  2. “The Simpsons.” The Simpsons will always be the best animated show on television. Matt Groening’s series about the mustard yellow family from Springfield has been on for 21 seasons, making them the longest running entry on the list of ten best shows to watch stoned. The writing is clever and the show doesn’t talk down to its audiences. But viewers have to pay attention or some of those pop culture references might slip right past them.
  3. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Sometimes it’s hard to listen to the harsh news headlines with a clear head, which is why the comedic reporting of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” makes the list of ten best shows to watch stoned. Stewart’s sarcastic take on the top headlines takes the edge off all that is wrong with the world today.
  4. “Lost.” Some viewers might think that “Lost” has too complicated of a plot to be on the list of ten best TV shows to watch stoned. But the fact is, the show is just as confusing for viewers who haven’t indulged in any reality-altering substances. Besides, the smoke monster is mind blowing.
  5.  “Entourage.” While viewers might not be able to relate to the glamorous Hollywood mansion-living lifestyle that Vince Chase enjoys, they most certainly can connect to the simple joy of hanging out with your best friends and getting high. That’s why this HBO industry insider comedy makes the list of the ten best shows to watch stoned.
  6. “Weeds.” Come on, the show is about a suburban widow who sells drugs to provide for her family. How could this not be on the list of the ten best shows to watch stoned?
  7. “Parks and Recreation.” There’s lots of good comedy on TV these days and NBC’s Thursday prime time line-up is turning the night back into “must see TV.” While some might put “The Office” or “30 Rock” on the list of ten best TV series to watch stoned, “Parks and Recreation” actually wins out as the best show of the night. The writing gets stronger with each episode, the actors are all funny, and Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer will surely live as a partier icon for generations to come.
  8.  “Modern Family.” This show isn’t an obvious choice for a list of ten best TV shows to watch stoned. After all, it’s not really counterculture and it’s not written for 23-year-old guys. But the bottom line is “Modern Family” is just funny. Every character will make you laugh; every joke delivers on its promise.
  9.  “The Jersey Shore.” Sometimes it’s just fun to watch a train wreck and there’s no greater example of that on TV these days than “The Jersey Shore.” Sure, stoners will be laughing at JWoww, Snookie and the Situation, not with them, but as long as there's water in the hot tub, they probably won’t mind.
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