10 Best TVs For Video Games

Of all the television models available to us, which ones would you say are the 10 best TVs for video games? Some TVs are superior to others, often depending on the video game console you’re looking to complement. Count on the big-name brands most of the time, as they are recognized and trusted for a good reason (Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc.) That being said, we’d like to offer you our little list of the top 10 video game TVs to aid you on your quest for the ultimate gaming experience.

  1. Panasonic projection LCD (52 inches). If you’re going to be playing video games with exquisite graphics (like anything on the PS3 or the Xbox 360), you’re going to need a set to support such breathtaking imagery. This particular model has been recommended by several gamers, and as we know, several gamers can’t possibly be wrong.
  2. Samsung 1080p HDTV (55 inches). Another dependable brand name, Samsung will not fail to impress. The super-sharp visual quality combined with the biggest screen on this list will absolutely blow your mind. Expect to drop around $1,200 on one of these bad boys, though. Yikes.
  3. Vizio Full HD LCD 1080p (42 inches). Vizio is considered to be a slightly more affordable brand as far as new-age TVs, but that price disparity is definitely slight since it’s not much different from its counterparts. It offers great quality overall and no video game lag, but still expect to spend about 650 dollars on one.
  4. Sony Bravia XBR 1080p HDTV (52 inches). This is probably one of the best TVs for video game entertainment purposes available. If you want top-notch video and gaming quality, this is your man…err…model. Don’t anticipate a price that won’t flatten your wallet, though; the current asking price for a brand-new one of these is around $2,400. Why this is twice as much as the Samsung model is beyond us; odds are, only women will pay double for three more inches.
  5. Mitsubishi LT-52151 1080p LCD HDTV (52 inches). Noticing a pattern yet? We didn’t even know Mitsubishi made anything but cars, but lo and behold, apparently they make fancy TVs too. And just like its brothers from other mothers (or maybe manufacturers), this model is very much not for the penny pincher. Can we say $1,260?
  6. Toshiba TDP projector. Okay, this one’s not a real TV, but this is for folks who don’t want to be limited by screen size. You can easily blow an image up to be enormous with a projector. Imagine playing video games like Gears or Halo on the side of your house! You’ll attract a crowd in about a half hour.
  7. Sanyo DP26648 LCD HDTV (26 inches). Sanyo still makes TVs? Wow. Yeah, this one’s not as large as the others mentioned, and therefore it’s a bit more reasonable. Hold up a yardstick or a tape measure; two feet is probably bigger than you think, and this model is pretty nice and affordable at around 250 bucks.
  8. Magnavox 26MF330B/F7 720p LCD HDTV (26 inches). Here’s another smaller and slightly more affordable option. This one costs a bit more than its Sanyo equivalent (around 350 dollars), but the quality is still very lovely…it’s HDTV, after all.
  9. Zenith Z19LCD3 720p LCD HDTV (19 inches). You get the idea: smaller, more cost-effective. This one tends to cost around 250 dollars, so not too bad.
  10. LG 32LD450 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (32 inches). Same as the last three models. It's a great TV for video games, more affordable, and so on. They’re all more or less the same with different names. If the best TVs are the one that are most affordable for you, then this one and the Sanyo telly will probably be your best choices.

One thing you may have noticed about this list: no plasma screen TVs. There’s a really good reason for our blatant discrimination, and that is that plasma televisions are by no means the best TVs for gaming. On the contrary, plasma screens are known quite well for their image burning flaw, and playing video games on them actually increases the risk of an image being permanently burned onto the screen. So, honestly, any LCD television would suit your gaming needs.

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