10 Best Two Player Fighting Games

The 10 best two player fighting games are the tops in rock'em, sock'em action as gamers face off against each other either face-to-face or online. Nothing gets the blood more pumped than the hardcore action of two player fighting games throughout the years. Every fighting game has its own mix of special moves, martial art styles and tactics for two players to learn and adapt in battle. These two player fighting games are the essence of pride and a good excuse to trash talk to their many opponents when friends get together. Here are the ten best two player fighting games:

  1. "Mortal Kombat II." The blood-soaked sequel to the revolutionary first game of gory violence featured the battle in a different dimension, Outworld. This two player fighting arcade classic allowed for more hidden secrets, characters and brutal fatalities.
  2. "Super Street Fighter 4." Capcom's best and latest chapter in the franchise take two player fighting to the next level with new combos, fighters, and strategy. Ryu and company compete whether online or face to face with another player for street fighting supremacy.
  3. "Soul Caliber IV." The Soul Edge is the most demonic weapon in existence and fighters emerge to put an end to the dark master who possesses it. The two player fighting game features weapon combat as opposed to fists and kicks, which make for wonderful battles.
  4. "Marvel vs. Capcom 2." An action-packed sequel features heroes and villains from two distinct universes, Marvel and Capcom, in glorious battles. Many gamers cannot get enough of the two player battles as teams of powerful warriors square off in combo-tastic frenzy.
  5. "Samurai Showdown." Another weapon-wielding two player fighting game pits warriors from ancient civilizations to see who is the best. This blade-rattler is one of SNK's arcade classics as players go head-to-head and take each other out by an honorable death.
  6. "World Heroes Perfect." SNK's two player brawler spans the ages of time to collect an array of fighters to see which era reigns supreme. A high octane chapter in this franchise brings the world greatest heroes to the palms of many happy gamers.
  7. "The King of Fighters '95." One of the first two player fighting games to feature teams uses characters from the SNK universe such as "Art of Fighting" and "Fatal Fury." Players can either choose a premade team or edit them to create their own powerful array of fighters to see who is the best of the best.
  8. "Dead or Alive 4." Team Ninja's adds to the two player fighting legacy with this installment featuring 3D battles and hot lady fighters. The fighting game also offers online mode where gamers from all across the globe can duke it out and trash talk all at the same time.
  9. "Tekken 6." Another 3D brawler pits two players in the midst of the Iron Fist Tournament from King to Marshall Law. Everything from the backgrounds to the fighters themselves use the powerful Octave Engine for smoother animation and stellar graphics. 
  10. "Virtua Fighter 5." Sega's revolutionary fighting game introduced 3D arenas and combatants years ago. The new evolution to the franchise allows two players to pit their skills in luscious environments and skilled warriors like Akira Yuki and Jacky Bryant.
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