10 Best UFC Women Fighters

The 10 best UFC women fighters are a group of women that will kick your ass. These ten best UFC women fighters are tough and vicious. Some of these best ten UFC female fighters are hot as well. Women UFC fighters are a growing fad in the fight scene. These ten UFC fighting women have seen their share of blood and sweat. Check out the list of ten best UFC women fighters and see which one you would stand toe to toe with. These ten ass-kicking UFC ladies are all business.

  1. Megumi Fujii: She is a pint-sized powerhouse with submission techniques unlike any other female fighter. She holds a MMA record of 22-1 with a recent controversial loss in the Bellator woman’s championship.
  2. Cristiane Santos: What can you sat about the woman who fell Carano. She is a beast on her feet and equally dangerous on her back. A well-rounded fighter with skills in all areas.
  3. Gina Carano: Is still one of the best female MMA fighters ever. She put the sport on the map for the women and continues to bring it to the limelight. Though she lost her bid for the championship, her abilities are still hard to ignore.
  4. Kyra Gracie: indeed, a Gracie. Damn good-looking woman as well, but beware the left hook and her submission technique. Don’t kid yourself, Kyra doesn’t need her brothers to defend her. This talented fighter has all she needs to take care of herself.
  5. Michelle Farrow: This woman is a grappling beast. Hard-nosed fighter with a traditional stance on MMA, Michelle is a fighter to fear. She is as tough as they come and definitely someone to watch as the sport unfolds.
  6. Tara LaRosa: Is a vicious striker with a mean streak. Great ground and pound to compliment her stand up. She is one of the more consistent female fighters in MMA and should be around for a time to come.
  7. Satoko Shinashi: This amazing fighter holds a record of 29-2-2. her judo is the key to her mastery of the sport. Her will and ability the reason behind her dominance, she is a well-rounded fighter with a great level of skill.
  8. Amanda Buckner: Is a first generation fighter with skills that reside in stand up and ground and pound. Spectacular strength and ring savvy makes her a top choice. Her career has put her up against the best where she has stood her ground masterfully.
  9. Lisa Ward: is another petite woman with the skills to put just about any man on his back. She is a relentless fighter who is always moving forward. This gold medalist in the world-championship has a bright future ahead of her.
  10. Hisae Watanabe: Is a kickboxing specialist who has made a name for herself on the circuit. With a record of 19-6 and a championship belt around her waist, she shows no signs of slowing.
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