10 Best UK TV Shows Ever

Countless classic British TV shows can be seen on on a regular basis on stations the world over. The job of narrowing a lengthy list of candidates down to the ten best is not easy but after more than 30 years of watching UK TV shows here are the top ten.

  1. "Doctor Who" First broadcast the day after JFK was shot in Dallas, the show continues to be popular to this day. The eccentric title character travels throughout time and space in a police telephone box battling aliens, robots and pernicious foes along the way. Kids love the excitement and men love the cute girls he drags along for the ride.
  2. "Eastenders" Gritty, sometimes realistic and at times comical, the cockney soap opera has been a huge hit for the BBC for over 25 years. The show is a cross between the gutterral style of a Guy Ritchie film and the slapstick humor of Benny Hill. Villains like Dirty Den and Nasty Nick are the bad guys fans love to hate and whenever you have had a bad day at the office it is always nice to turn on the TV and see a whole street of people whose rain drenched days are much worse.
  3. "Blackadder" Rowan Atkinson starred in the four hilarious seasons of this British comedy classic. Kids watching the show got a crash course in how to insult people humorously from the title character. Rowan went on to be Mr. Bean but never came close to matching this best show ever.
  4. "Monty Python" While the Beatles were charming the world with the music the Monty Python crew were making one of the best shows ever. Python introduced the world to alternative comedy with funny walks, a little nudging and plenty winking. 
  5. "Blue Peter" Kids in the UK have grown up for the last 50 years believing that you can make anything out of an old toilet paper roll and some double sided sticky tape thanks to this UK classic. The show prepares youngsters for the real world by showing them how to parachute, raise money to buy lifeboats and walk their dogs.
  6. "Coronation Street" Longer running than "Doctor Who" and more bleak than "Eastenders" the Manchester based soap has been exploring the life of drinkers in a northern pub for over 50 years. A constantly changing cast of hot women and thugs contrast with the relics who have been on the show for its entire run.
  7. "Are you Being Served?" "I'm free," is the classic line that people the world over associate with this department store based comedy. Mrs. Slocombe's tales about her pussy and Mr. Humphrey's relentless innuendo combined in this timeless example of the best of UK TV.
  8. "Miss Marple" No vicarage in England is safe when Miss Marple is in town as crime and intrigue are always sure to follow. The show colorfully brought the Agatha Christie character to life and reminded the world that 1920's Britain was rife with adultery and murder.
  9. "Our Friends in the North" This UK show followed the lives of a group of friends from Newcastle, over the course of three decades. Future James Bond, Daniel Craig played "Geordie" a fresh faced jack-the-lad who rapidly evolved into a unabomber look-alike. 
  10. "Countdown" This word based UK quiz show remains popular on college campuses as fans wait to see what curse words may inadvertently been drawn onto the board. The show was always a great place to find innuendo especially when it featured the busty math genius, Carol Vorderman whose catch phrase was "better out than in."
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