10 Best Undergraduate Acting Schools

If your love for the art of acting has you longing to attend one of the 10 best undergraduate acting schools, the following 10 schools can help you turn your dreams of the stage into a reality.  These 10 best undergraduate acting schools are located all over the U.S. and offer different types of comprehensive study in the theatre arts. If you are serious about acting, you should be applying to one of these 10 acting schools and programs.

  1. The Julliard School. Julliard is one of the best undergraduate acting schools in the country and the world. Julliard is a four year conservatory training program in which during your four year study, you are placed in a program with the same students and professors in this rigorous program. 
  2. Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the best undergraduate acting schools you can apply to. Carnegie Mellon students learn the art by studying everything from Chekhov to Shakespeare to Greek to Restoration Comedy.  In your senior year, if you are in good standing, you get to perform in a NYC and Los Angeles showcase.
  3. New York University: Tisch School of Drama. Regarded as one of the best undergraduate schools, the New York University: Tisch School of Drama offers an amazing acting program that is complemented with liberal arts classes.
  4. Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. Rutgers' prestigious BFA program ranks as one of the best undergraduate acting schools in the country. Junior standing students get to spend a year abroad studying acting in at the Rutgers Conservatory in London.  
  5. University of California San Diego.  As long as you have been accepted to this university, you can choose between majoring in Theatre or pursuing a minor, whereas at other schools, you would be required to audition to get into the theatre program. UCSD offers many competitive classes in the fine arts.
  6. University of California Los Angeles. Another school in the University of California system, UCLA is ranked number one in undergraduate acting programs according to the Princeton Review.  Students here take a variety of courses from the School of Theatre, Film and Television. 
  7. University of North Carolina, School of Arts. The University of North Carolina School of Arts undergraduate program gives students the technical skills and creative inspiration to become a well rounded actor. This school even offers programs extended to students from 8th grade through college to help promote and foster the education of those committed to the art.
  8. California Institute of the Arts. California Institute of the Arts, or CalArts, is among the best  of the best of undergraduate acting schools. CalArts requires students to take classes from the School of Critical Studies to broaden their knowledge which they believe leads to higher career success rates. CalArts also offers the unique opportunity to study puppetry within the program.
  9. Northwestern University.  Northwestern University is great for students looking to have flexibility in constructing their own curriculum. Students that are accepted to Northwestern University in pursuit of a career in acting will take classes from the Weinberg College of Arts and Science and can also take classes from the School of Communications.  
  10. Yale School of Drama. No list of best undergraduate acting schools would be complete without the Yale School of Drama. At Yale, students are taught speech, voice, and textual analysis. In addition to this form of training, the Yale School of Drama has its own repertory theatre and cabaret company.
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