10 Best Underground Rap Lyrics

If you are bored out of your mind with many of the simplistic, seemingly uninspired lyrics of many popular rappers—then enjoy this list of the 10 best underground rap lyrics. It doesn't take mass marketing and million dollar sponsorships for a rapper to write mind-blowing poetry, and these artists are proof of that truth. These underground rap lyrics are not only works of art in wordplay, but have also made for some pretty amazing music. 

  1. Jay Electronica – "Exhibit C." This haunting yet heroic exhibition in underground lyricism span's across Jay Electronica's difficult journey towards success. Jay's struggles were clearly not for naught: "Hmmm… its quite amazing that you rhyme how you do / And how you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru."
  2. Blu – "Good Life." The good life is often rapped about as something the rapper has always experienced for quite awhile, but this song admits that for Blu, success is still a work in progress. Blu will become your favorite color after hearing these underground rap lyrics: "Trying to hit reset, knee deep in debt / Trying to figure out how to feed a mouth that ain't got teeth yet."
  3. Elzhi – "Motown 25." This Detroit representer takes his gift of gab extremely seriously. These underground rap lyrics have more rhyming words than Dr. Seuss: "I end careers, years, pierce ears fierce with spears / They say I'm gifted, get lifted like the beers in cheers."
  4. Royce Da 5'9" – "Boom." For some fierce braggadocio, look no further then Royce. Rap lyrics like these are hard to repeat ten times fast: "I'm the verbal-spit Smith Wesson / I unload with sick spit, the quick wit could split a split-second."
  5. MF Doom – "Microwave Mayo." MF Doom is the king of witty pop culture references from every imaginable era of time. This segment should get a chuckle out of you: "Hold it down like Shatner do Spock / Rapper jocks need to put a sock in their chatterbox."
  6. Del the Funkee Homosapien – "Press Rewind." Del is no simpleton when he puts words together.  Try to keep up with these underground rap lyrics: "Avant-garde, Battlestar Galactica / Got rhymes per capita, I'm shining through the aperture."
  7. The Clipse – "We Got It For Cheap (Intro)." Pusha T from The Clipse drives you through vivid depictions of street life from a first-person prospective. These lyrics are at least a BMW: "Just like a revival, the verse tends to steer 'em / Through a life in the fast lane, I German engineer 'em."
  8. Canibus – "The Rip Off." Canibus clearly views himself as an artist of the highest order. Here is an invitation into his mental museum: "Yo my brain races to create these lyrical mosaics like paintings / To me a record store and art galleries are merely the same thing."
  9. Homeboy Sandman – "It Is What It Is (Acapella). Mr. Sandman is a rapper that you shouldn't fall asleep on. Pay attention to this statement: "It is what it is and it isn't what it was and what it ain't / Is another dime a dozen I don't covet I create."
  10. Camp Lo – "Glow." Underground rap lyrics have room for flamboyant gestures to attract the opposite sex. Geechie Suede from Camp Lo hits a home run in the World Series of Swagger: "All non-believers get whiff on the gator sneakers / We out the park with this one while you parade in the bleachers."
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