10 Best Unknown Bands

The 10 best unknown bands each, in their own way, bring something that is lacking from today's popular music landscape. They should be bigger than they are, and in some cases, should be some of the biggest bands in America. The 10 best unknown bands may have gotten some exposure, but if you were to ask the average music listener if they were familiar, they would shrug indifferently. Those same listeners would do well to take a look at this list, the 10 best unknown bands in America:

  1. White Rabbits. Midwestern transplants to Brooklyn, NY, White Rabbits top the list of 10 best unknown bands. Their songs are concise, driven by unique percussion, and possess enormous pop appeal. All they need is the right arena and they could be one of the biggest bands around.
  2. Parts & Labor. Noise-punk anthem-makers, Parts & Labor will probably never break out of the friendly scene that birthed them. They may be too uncompromising, but that does not mean they are not one of the best unknown bands in America.
  3. Shadow Shadow Shade. A fairly new Los Angeles band, SSS possess the same things that have made the Arcade Fire one of the world's biggest bands: a large lineup, a communal vibe, a sense of theatrical drama, and some great songs. Here's to hoping that they move from the list of 10 best unknown bands as soon as they reach a wider audience.
  4. Riddle of Steel. St. Louis' best export since Nelly, Riddle of Steel were rock and roll heavyweights that regrettably never found an audience. Now, they only play about once a year, yet they still belong on the list of 10 best unknown bands.
  5. Cold Cave. Cold Cave are masters of dark synth-pop. Recommended for fans of Joy Division and New Order at their most bleak.
  6. Wovenhand. Led by songwriter David Eugene Edwards, Wovenhand creates gothic gospel for Christians and non-believers alike. Edwards fronted a former candidate for the best unknown bands list, 16 Horsepower, as well.
  7. Baths. A Los Angeles experimental electronic artist, Baths creates pop songs out of the scraps of everything else. Though a solo artist, Baths belongs on the list of 10 best unknown bands.
  8. Fitz & the Tantrums. Another LA group, these blue-eyed soul revivalists put on one of the best live shows around. They won't be one of the best unknown bands for long. 
  9. Sleigh Bells. Mixing hip-hop, pop, and indie rock, Sleigh Bells make new millenium mish-mash music. This sound may be the future; for now, they are one of the 10 best unknown bands around.
  10. Flying Lotus. FlyLo's instrumental hip-hop and progressive electronica may also be the future of music. At this point, though, Flying Lotus remains relatively unknown, capping our list of the best unknown bands.
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