10 Best Upbeat Songs To Dance To

Here are the ten best upbeat songs that are guaranteed to make you feel better and get you dancing. Nothing is better after a long, hard day at work than hitting up the local bar and dancin' it out. But to really make a hard day better you need some killer upbeat songs to raise you up.

  1. "Everybody Dance Now!": Technically this song is called "Gonna Make You Sweat" by C+C Music Factory, but everyone knows it for its opening line, "Everybody Dance Now! Dun-Dun Dun-dun-dun Dunnnn." The minute you hear those little words your feet will be moving and your heat will be pumping.
  2. "Right Above It": You may not expect Drake's hit "Right Above It" to be a song to raise your spirits and get you dancing but just listen to the beat. It is a catchy tune that can make even the whitest man break out into a Stanky Legg.
  3. "Cupid Shuffle": This song is without a doubt the best line dancing song ever. Cupid literally tells you how to do the dance and on top of that it is a catchy song and a fun dance. A Cupid Shuffle per day keeps the haters away.
  4. "You’re The Best (Around)": This hidden gem by Joe Esposito first appeared in the Karate Kid during the martial arts competition, but that doesn't mean it cant pump you up and get you dancing. You are the best, around, and nothings gonna bring you down. Fist pump!
  5. "You Spin me Round": This hit by Dead or Alive was made famous by the movie "The Wedding Singer" and will make you famous as someone who knows how to dance. Much like "The Cupid Shuffle" the dance moves are literally in the song. Just spin around! Watch out for other people though, as this could make you less upbeat and more black-eyed
  6. "99 Luftballoons": This German hit song by Nena is incredibly catchy and fun to dance to. Sure it is in German and actually about accidental nuclear war, but you don't speak German so no harm, no foul! Get happy and dance to those balloons.
  7. "Mambo #5": This song by Lou Bega is considered by some to be the worst song ever, but considered by all who listen to it as the catchiest song ever. Seriously, how can you not smile and dance to this song?
  8. "Disco Inferno": This classic throwback to the swinging 70s by the Trammps is fun and uplifting. Reminisce about the days of disco (even if you weren't born yet) and get to dancing! Beautiful women and men will follow.
  9. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!": The breakout hit from British pop group WHAM, this song will get ever the biggest buzz kill out on the dance floor doing the running man. It just has that power! Note: do not play this song while driving to get gas or it may result in impromptu male model gasoline fight.
  10. "Magic Carpet Ride": One of the most memorable songs ever by the late '60s band Steppenwolf, this song is trippy, fun, and incredibly dance worthy. Just make sure no actual carpets are around, as they may be offended by the notion that they are both magical and can fly.

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