10 Best Upbeat Workout Songs

Creating a workout routine with the 10 best upbeat workout songs helps to increase metabolism and the heart rate. Upbeat songs not only help to increase the workout intensity, but also helps to increase the interest level of the workout routine.

  1. “In the Ayer” Flo Rida featuring will.I.am. Get ready for a fist pumping workout routine with this jam. No matter how tired you may be, when this song comes on, it is sure to get you moving as fast as possible to keep up with the hypnotic beat.
  2. “Forever” Chris Brown. Begin clapping your hands to the beat when this song starts to play. Quickly move to tapping your feet and as soon as you know it, your whole body is gyrating to the upbeat tunes of this song that is perfect for a high-impact workout.
  3. “Disturbia” Rihanna. The constant hard beats of this song grabs you and creeps through your body as you work out to the beats of this song.
  4. “Womanizer” Britney Spears. The empowering lyrics coupled with the fast beats of this song are the perfect combination for an upbeat workout routine that is certain to get your blood pumping.
  5. “Damaged” Danity Kane. This girl-power song creates a powerful source to fuel an intense workout routine.
  6. “Psychosocial” Slipknot. The rock-out mentality set forth by the electric guitar and drums in this song is sure to have you running for your life. If you can understand the lyrics. This song is the perfect way to inspire a speedy workout routine.
  7. “A Milli” Lil’ Wayne. As with all Lil’ Wayne songs, this one has no exception to the high quality of beats and clear lyrics he consistently produces. The repetitive chorus and fast rapping inspires a workout routine to kick into high gear all the way to the end.
  8. “I Kissed a Girl” Katy PerryThis summer-filled song is a happy way to force a workout routine into overdrive. The flirty lyrics keep thoughts on perfecting the body and forcing a way through the intense workout to achieve it.
  9. “I Don’t Care” Fall Out Boy. This song brings together thoughts of not only completing the workout routine, but also increasing the pace of the workout routine.
  10. “My Apocalypse” Metallica. The fast beats of this song are reminiscent of the “Rocky” movie sagas. The beat consistently gets faster and faster throughout the song. It inspires a workout routine to avoid complacency and challenge you to the limits.
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