10 Best US Female Olympians

There have been so many amazing female athletes that it is hard to pick only the 10 best US Female Olympians. Each of these athletes have stood out in their field in achievements and memorable moments.

  1. Dana Torre, Olympic swimmer. Dana's Olympic debut was in 1984 where she picked up a gold medal in the 4 X 100 relay. She competed in the 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and the 2006 summer games.  In the 2006 Olympic games, she was 41 years old and the oldest Olympic swimmer in history. Dana was twice the age of some of the other swimmers at the 2006 Olympic games, but still managed to pick up two silver medals, bringing her career medal total to 12. Dana's achievements make her one of the best US Olympians of all time.
  2. Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic track and field. Jackie has 5 Olympic medals and also holds the long jump record at 7.49 meters. In college, Jackie was also a basketball star and played professional women's basketball after retiring from her Olympic career.
  3. Lida Scott Howell, Olympic archer. Lida was America's first female gold medalist. At the 1904 St. Louis games, Lida would win two gold medals to add to her resume that already contained 17 national championships. Her dedication and ground breaking achievement of being the first US female gold medalist puts Lida at the top of the best US female Olympians.
  4. Alice Coachman, Olympic track and field. In 1946, Alice joined the USA Olympic teams and became the first African American female athlete. She competed in the 1948 games and won a gold medal in the high jump. That jump also set an Olympic record in the female high jump competition. That was a  ground breaking moment in the American Civil Rights Movement.
  5. Margaret Thompson Murdock, Olympic shooter. Margaret must make any list for the best US female Olympians. Margaret competed in a coed shooting competition at the 1976 Olympic games. She was the first female to ever compete in an Olympic shooting event. Margaret not only held her own against the men, she also won the silver medal.
  6. Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gymnast. Mary Lou found herself the star of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games. She scored a perfect ten on her vault, won America's first female gold medal in gymnastics and came away with the most medals at the 1984 games. She did all of this at only 16 years old. Mary Lou still has ties to the gymnastic community today and will always be remembered as one of the best US female Olympians.
  7. Misty May Trainer, Olympic beach volleyball. Misty May is not only one of the best female US Olympians in her sport, she is one of the best in the world. Misty May holds the record for most continuous game wins and the record for most wins overall.
  8. Kerri Strug, Olympic gymnastics. It is hard to doubt that the selflessness of Kerri puts her at the top of the best female US Olympians ever. With a severely hurt ankle, Kerri attempted and completed a difficult vault that would win gold for the women's US gymnastics team. She had to be carried off of the floor and was not able to compete in the individual events because of her injuries.
  9. Michelle Kwan, Olympic figure skater. Michelle Kwan is the most decorated US figure skater in the history of the sport. Two of her medals are Olympic medals. Her grace and beauty on the ice makes her a shoe in for one of the best US female Olympians.
  10. Lindsey Vonn, Olympic Skier. Lindsey is often referred to as the fastest skier in the world. She brought home USA's first gold medal in Alpine skiing at the 2010 Olympics. She won both gold and bronze at the Vancouver games.

Since the first 19 female athletes took part in the 1900 Olympic games, women have proven themselves as great athletes. They have competed in the same, traditional events and have even competed with the men. Women Olympic athletes are looked to as role models and champions for the young girls of today.



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