10 Best Used Sports Cars For Under 5000

The ten best used sports cars for under $5000 are listed below. Many of them are older but still in style, and they all run well and are reliable vehicles that are all well worth their costs. Most of these cars are from the 90s, though some under ten years old can also be bought for under $5000. 

  1. 1998 Corvette: This used sports car is still in style. It has one of the coolest and sleekest looks that any sports car ever manufactured has had, and it runs well. Vets from 1998, by Chevrolet, can easily be bought four under $5000.
  2. 1993-1997 Camaro: Another fantastic Chevrolet used sports car, the Camaro from the early to mid 90s is a perfect ride for the money. You should have no problem finding one that has no mechanical difficulties in your price range. This is certainly a top pre-owned sports car.
  3. 1993 BMW 325i: This is a classic German used sports car. Some of the finest manufacturing went into the 325i, and versions from the early 90s can be bought for under $5000.
  4. 1990 Mazda Miata: The Miata is a beautiful and compact sports car. It looks very nice in bright colors, and the 1990 model  in red is a perfect ride for the money.
  5. 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer: This is a basic but cool Japanese sports car. It may be purchased in good shape for under $5000.
  6. 1994 Toyota Celica: The Celica has one of the sportiest looks of any car. The 94 model with a spoiler is a great ride for the money that will have you looking about as cool as you can.
  7. 1995 Honda Civi: The Civic is Honda's most basic and popular sports car. It is reliable and safe, and 90s models are sure to fall within your price range.
  8. 2002 Chevrolet Impala: Many dealerships and auto trading sites or magazine have this used sports car available for under $5000. It is a modest sports car that is classy and comfortable.
  9. 1998 Volkswagen Jetta: This used sports car has a unique frame that gives it one of the most original looks. Make sure to check out this ride with its spoiler.
  10. 1995 Firebird: Pontiac's classic sports car, the Firebird from the 90s is sleek and missile-like in shape. This car in red is about the fastest looking used sports car that you can hope to find, and it is readily available used for under $5000.

The above rides are the ten best used sports cars for under $5000. Consider each of them before going for one, as each vehicle has its own attributes that make it unique.

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