10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

If you’re on a meatless mission to the city that never sleeps, never fear–we bring you the 10 best vegetarian restaurants in NYC. As the most cosmopolitan city in the world, even the most carnivore-oriented establishments will include quite a few vegetarian options on the menu. In short, New York City is not the sort of place where you'll have to worry about going hungry, no matter what your dietary needs happen to be.

  1. Kate’s Joint. No need to worry about meat accidentally getting into your meal at this strictly vegetarian establishment. Kate’s Joint has been around for ages and gets our vote for one of the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC–not only for its tasty veggie burgers, but also for its cool pierced and tattooed waitresses. Kate’s Joint: 58 Ave. B New York, NY 10009. (212) 777-7059
  2. Caracas Arepa Bar. Hands down, this is the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC for Venezuelan food. Any meat in the arepas you see on the menu can be replaced with baked tofu, according to the management. Caracas Arepa Bar: 91 E. Seventh St. New York, NY 10009. (212) 529-2314
  3. Adrienne’s Pizza Bar. Adrienne’s is the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC for pizza. Try the pie with marinara crushed tomato, garlic, parmesan cheese, plus your choice of delicious veggie toppings. Adrienne’s Pizza Bar: 54 Stone St. New York, NY 10004. (212) 248-3838
  4. Awash. Awash is an Ethiopian restaurant near Columbia University that features mainly vegetarian dishes. It's perfect for dates and group dinners since Ethiopian meals are commonly shared. Awash: 947 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10025. (212) 961-1416
  5. Frankie’s 457 Sputino. The best vegetarian restaurant in NYC for home-cooked Italian food. The owners even make their own extra virgin olive oil. Frankie’s 457 Sputino: 457 Court St. Brooklyn, NY 11231. (718) 403-0033
  6. Beet. Beet is a popular Thai restaurant offering an extensive array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu options. It's all served in a casual, laid-back atmosphere with a friendly wait staff on hand to offer advice for meat-free meals. Beet: 344 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215. (718) 832-2338
  7. Negril Village. Hungry for a taste of West India? Negril Village, with its many meatless offerings, will satisfy that craving. Negril Village: 70 W. Third St. New York, NY 10012. (212) 477-2804
  8. Amorina Cucina Rustica. This Brooklyn Italian restaurant features an extensive array of vegetarian offerings. Try the twelve-inch pie with gorgonzola, figs, pears and honey. Amorina Cucina Rustica: 624 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238-3804. (718) 230-3030
  9. ‘Snice. This is the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC for lunch, offering an array of veggie sandwiches, salads and snacks. It has a laid back, coffee shop vibe to it, complete with a small paperback library. It is frequented by locals mainly in their 20's and 30's. ‘Snice: 45 8th Ave. New York, NY 10014. (212) 645-0310
  10. Tanoreen. For lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine, this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC. The falafel is top notch. Tanoreen: 7523 Third Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209. (718) 748-5600



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