10 Best Video Games For Adults

What are the 10 best video games for adults? Which ones will deliver on excitement, realistic environments, and maybe a little blood, guts, and glory? Want the games that are so good you won't be able to stop playing them? Check out this list of awesome video games, all geared towards the adult market.

  1. "Halo 3." Challenge yourself online with this video game and you probably won't be setting the controller down until your thumbs ache. This is the choice adult video game for gamers who want a blend of war scenario shooting with the fantasy story line.
  2. Check out "FIFA Soccer 10." Released in 2009, this one keeps up with current international club teams and national teams. Get into the game while sitting in your favorite chair with FIFA 10.
  3. "Madden NFL 11." Every Madden NFL has delivered the goods for football fans, but 11 is expected to really produce. The focus is authentic experience. Look for streamlined play calls, new multiplayer modes for online games, and updated controls.
  4. "Grand Theft Auto IV" is unbelievable. Episodes from Liberty City is definitely one of the best video games for adults. You've got action, a movie-like back story, sex, sociopaths, and a dark criminal underworld.
  5. "Red, Dead, Redemption" brings in the wild west. Here's another epic-style adult video game that you are going to love. This dynamic shooter game will pull you in.
  6. "Fight Night 4" is the best boxing game. Visually stunning, Fight Night is nothing less than exhilarating. Watch the fight. Be the fighter.
  7. "God of War III" is for more imaginative adult gamers. Rounding out the God of War trilogy, this video game is gruesome, action-packed, and filled with the full pantheon of Greek gods. Graphics are amazing.
  8. "Call of Duty" delivers. You want an adult war video game, Modern Warfare 2 has it. Unbelievable visual work puts you right on the battlefield. Experience the war-zone while also learning a bit about modern weaponry. A must for serious adult gamers.
  9. "Gears of War" lives up to it's reputation. Combine fantastic otherworld environments, awesome graphics, and the heat of war and you have one of the best video games of the past ten years. You might need to look up the cheats on this one.
  10. "NBA Live 2010" for the b-ball fans. EA has finally captured the real-life excitement of the court for the couch. Control is spot on allowing you to really perfect your game with precision shooting, hard fouls, boxing out, and awesome pick and roll controls.

Play at your own risk. The 10 best video games for adults are so good they are dangerous. No, seriously, keep your physical and mental well-being in mind and get outside once in awhile.

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