10 Best Video Games For Children

If the long, hot days of summer are starting to bore your kids, consider one of these 10 best video games for children. Just pop a disc into the game console in your family room or den. Then join your kids for a wild-and-wily afternoon of fun. What’s so great about these 10 best video games for kids? All of them are educational as well as entertaining. And they are beneficial to all of the muscles in your body. Some of the games, like the Wii games, will stretch your muscles. Others are designed to stretch your mind. All of the games are enjoyable for kids and parents alike.  Here are ten of the very best video games for children that everyone will enjoy.

  1. "Lego Indiana Jones 2". "Lego Indiana Jones 2" is a video game from LukasArts, available in all game formats. Professor Jones, everyone’s favorite adventurer, is reconstructed with virtual Lego building blocks. Children help Indy find his way through parts of all four "Indiana Jones" films. Adults will enjoy this one, too.
  2. "Mario Kart". From Nintendo, "Mario Kart" is available in DS console and Wii formats. The “Guardian” describes this as a “cute driving game nothing short of seminal.” This is the perfect video game for kids aspiring to be the next Dale Earnhardt or Jeff Gordon.
  3. "Boom Blox Bash Party". The idea for "Boom Blox Bash Party" came from film director Steven Spielberg. The game is available for Wii from Electronic Arts. With Jenga as the game’s base, the fun includes pirates and explosions. Children can even create their own levels one this unique video game.
  4. "Wii Sports Resort". "Wii" Sports Resort is a classic Wii game that children love. They can swing a remote control like a paddle, Frisbee, or sword. An easy game to grasp instantly, children will enjoy playing this one with their parents and grandparents.
  5. "Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box". "Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box" is available in DS format. Players control the movements of the professor and his assistant through various locations. This adventurous puzzle game lets kids explore, solve mysteries, and aid the professor on his quest.
  6. "LittleBigPlanet". Commonly abbreviated "LBP", "LittleBigPlanet" is a PS3 video game. It revolves around the player’s control of a “Sackboy” or “Sackgirl” in various environments and scenarios. Children will have fun jumping, pushing, running, and grabbing. They can also create their own content.
  7. "EyePet". Designed for PS3 and PSP, "EyePet" is a video game developed by London Studio. It uses a camera to allow a virtual pet to interact with people and things in the real world. Children will spend hours with their virtual pets.
  8. Lego Rock Band. Lego Rock Band is available in Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 formats. This music video game is part of the Rock Band series created by Harmonix Music Systems. It also incorporates the elements of other Lego video games. One of the ten best video games for children, this game lets kids use controllers to play guitars, drums, and vocals on several different rock songs.
  9. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training. Also known as Brain Age, Dr. Kawashina’s Brain Training is an “edutainment game” created by Nintendo for the DS handheld console. The game offers several challenging mini games that determine the player’s brain age. This will unlock Quick Play, Daily Training, and Sudoku.
  10. MySims Agents. MySims Agents is a mystery-solving adventure game designed for DS consoles and Wii. The object of the game is to guide agents in an effort to stop the sinister plans of the criminal Morcubus, “lord of the underworld.” Although this game is classified as a children’s game, adults will enjoy playing it, too.
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