10 Best Video Games For Mac

If you're looking for the 10 best video games for the Mac, then perhaps these 10 Mac classics may suit your fancy. There are plenty of video games to choose from here. Looking for the ultimate interactive experience? Delve into the world of "The Sims 3." Maybe you feel like taking on the role of a different species? "Aliens versus Predator" may be your cup of tea. Perhaps you'd be interested in exploring the world of the supernatural in "Ghosts"? There are many great Mac video games to choose from, but here's a good place to start.

  1. "The Sims 3" The biggest selling franchise in the series of "Sims" games gives way to its biggest and wildest sequel yet. In "The Sims 3," the game follows upon the same gameplay concept of the previous installments but adds on several new features, including a whole open world of play where Sims can venture outside of their homes, but without the annoyance of strenuous loading times.
  2. "The Movies" If there were an alternate title for this game, it would be "SimMovies," because that is essentially what it is. "The Movies" is a business simulation game for the Mac system where players must assume the role of a Hollywood film mogul, running a film studio as well as making the films themselves.
  3. "Aliens versus Predator" Featuring three separate campaigns, each species (Aliens, Predators and humans) are all individually playable here, complete with different abilities, objectives and types of weapons. Playing as the marines and having access to their arsenal of weaponry is loads of fun, but being able to take advantage of the Predator's advanced gadgetry and the Alien's deadly stealth capabilities is just icing on the cake.
  4. "Star Wars: Empire at War" Following the successful "Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds," this entry into the real-time strategy incarnation of the "Star Wars" universe continues the "Star Wars" meets "Command & Conquer" angle that proves to be highly entertaining with its Skirmish, Campaign, and Galactic Conquest modes.
  5. "Police Quest: Open Season" The fourth entry in the "Police Quest" franchise reaches its highest peak in the series with gritty realism, a huge emphasis on the job of homicide detective and a brand new game engine. "Open Season" puts you in the shoes of a Los Angeles detective who must unravel the mystery behind the death of a fallen police officer who was his best friend.
  6. "Star Wars: Dark Forces" This is where "Star Wars" met "Doom." Highly praised for its production and advanced effects, "Star Wars: Dark Forces" went on to be LucasArts' highest-grossing game over a five year period. "Dark Forces" is a first person shooter in the "Star Wars" universe that includes many puzzle and danger aspects as well.
  7. "Myst" The best-selling Mac and PC game of all time (that is, until "The Sims" came into the picture) gave players a magical point-and-click adventure with amazing graphics for its time, resulting in a surprise hit upon its initial release. Players step into the shoes of the Stranger, who must travel to the island of Myst to unravel a great mystery.
  8. "Ghosts" Perhaps one of the creepiest Mac video games ever created. "Ghosts" lets its players roam a fictional 3-D haunted house in England where you are joined by Christopher Lee as a paranormal doctor. Together, you explore the house and its various narratives, writings, videos and audio recordings in order to solve the biggest mystery: are ghosts fact or fiction?
  9. "Unreal Tournament" GT Interactive's critically-acclaimed first-person shooter delved deeply into the competitive multiplayer action side of the genre. The game took the online deathmatch brought upon by "Quake" and revolutionized it, bringing it steps ahead, raising the team play bar in first-person shooters.
  10. "Lode Runner" This was one of the first Mac games that included a level editor option and actually put an emphasis on level creation. Players create their own levels, placing gold and evil monks in various places, sprinkling challenges and barriers all throughout and in between. "Lode Runner" was definitely a thinking man's game.
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