10 Best Video Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

If you're lucky enough to be seeing a lady who likes video games, here are the 10 best video games to play with your girlfriend. More and more, you see women developing an outward appreciation for the thing that has had a grip on our hand-eye coordination since the Atari 2600. Historically, our video games were like her romance novel. Be it Mario eating a mushroom or Master Chief tearing holes in the Covenant offensive, we are addicted. In today's day and age, video games have captured a new junkie in the form of the female gamer. Maybe it was because of the introduction of more female protagonists in today's titles (Thank you Lara Croft, you too Joanna Dark) or maybe it's because gaming is cool now. Whatever the reason, she'll be a lot less likely to say you're neglecting her for Princess Peach if your lady is playing too. Playing video games with your lady can turn out to be a great bonding experience.

  1. "Super Mario". The originator is still one of the best in the business. Any of the Mario titles can be very enjoyable. Be it "Mario Kart" or the original Mario game. This game created a lot of competition between you and your buddies, so why not between you and your lady?
  2. "Sonic The Hedgehog". Mario's direct competition in the old days is still one of the best video games to play with your girlfriend. The game is simplistic, much like the Mario titles. They're also fun similar to Mario.
  3. "Tomb Raider". Come on, you know you like it. Nine times out of ten, she will too. The story lines are awesome and so is the weaponry.
  4. "Street Fighter". The classic fighter series that we all fell in love with. She'll fall in love with it too. She'll like the fact that some of the better characters are female ass-kickers. Girl power. Street Fighter is definitely one of the best video games to play with your girl competition wise.
  5. "Soul Caliber". This is another kick-ass fighting series with some bad female characters. It's one of the best video game series to play with your girlfriend for the same reasons Street Fighter is a good choice. Lots of characters. Lots of moves. Loads of replay value.
  6. "Halo". If your girl is into first person shooters, then there's no better video game to play with her than this. Halo is arguably the best of it's genre. With unlimited replay value, millions of ways to complete the campaign mode, and hundreds of ways to compete against your lady, it's a must have game. She'll enjoy this one.
  7. "Madden". Girls love football. Madden is the best football video game to play with your lady. It's the most in depth, most realistic football game out there. Just don't let your guys know you got beat by a girl.
  8. "NBA 2K". This game has emerged as the best basketball simulator out. The controls are easy to get a hold of. She'll agree, that as far as basketball games go, this is the best video game to play. She'll spend less time learning how to play and more time running up the score on you.
  9. "Wii Sports Boxing". The Wii system in itself is a really cool system. The controller is set up to mimic your movements. So, in WII boxing, you're really boxing. All trash talking aside, you'll get a hell of a workout from "air" boxing your lady. It's truly a fun title.
  10. "Wii Sports Basketball". It has the same concept as "Wii Boxing". You'll really be shooting the ball, or at least mimicking the form. This is another very enjoyable, very addictive title, especially if your lady's a competitive person.
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