10 Best Video Games For PSP

If you're seeking to find the 10 best video games for PSP, then look no further as they don't get any more exciting than the selections here. What's your poison–street racing, futuristic racing, stealth action, vehicular combat, fighting, real-time strategy, open-world sandboxes, or first-person shooters? It doesn't stop there and all of this can be done on the PSP console just as good as any non-portable gaming system. Make the PSP your entertainment on-the-go with these hot titles.

  1. "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories." The next best thing they could have done for the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise was to take it portable on the PSP and that's exactly what they did in 'Liberty City Stories,' now players can accomplish all that the PlayStation 2 counterparts had to offer in one small explosive package.
  2. "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories." Whether it's on the PSP or any non-portable gaming console, you're most likely going to need your 80's dose of "Grand Theft Auto" either way. "Vice City Stories" lets players embark on the crime-flooded streets that make up Vice City by participating in plenty of action-themed missions.
  3. "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops." The "Metal Gear Solid" franchise debuts on the PSP console with a very engaging gameplay that requires players to recruit enemies to join your cause through careful and strategic selection. "Portable Ops" is set up around Snake's nemesis, Big Boss, and continues the popular stealth action traditions which make this series so good.
  4. "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror." Smooth control set-ups, a cool collection of gadgets, and vision modes welcome this franchise's entry onto the PSP console. Step into the shoes of Gabe Logan as he takes on a new batch of terrorists. Also notable is the game's fun multiplayer features which is just icing on the cake.
  5. "Twisted Metal: Head On." The "Twisted Metal" series found its way onto the portable PSP console with "Twisted Metal: Head On". The series defined vehicular combat at its finest and it continues to do so here. Not only is the genre portable this time, but you can play it online as well. 
  6. "WipEout Pulse." To this day, the "WipEout" series remains as the epitome of futuristic racing games. Following up to its original counterpart, "WipEout Pure", 'Pulse' comes equipped with improved graphics, plenty of advanced options, and most of all, the addition of online gameplay. Vehicle customization and an electro-stylized soundtrack make it in as icing on the cake.
  7. "SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike." This third entry into the "SOCOM" franchise adapts to the portable PSP console very nicely, providing a dazzling package of features that range from voice commands, online play, and a thrilling single-player campaign that will satisfy your quench for tactical gameplay.
  8. "Burnout Legends." This game takes all the elements that made the "Burnout" series the magnificent racing franchise that it is and combined into one explosive PSP package. While the game lacks a strong online outlet, it makes up for that with a mind-blowing single player campaign. 
  9. "Resistance: Retribution." Sony's very first science fiction based World War II shooter found its way on the PSP console, introducing video gamers to intense combat and grotesque aliens to do battle with. If that wasn't enough, Sony even threw in a nicely-supported mutliplayer system that plays very smoothly.
  10. "Tekken: Dark Resurrection." This is perhaps the best choice when it comes to satisfying your appetite for handheld fighting games on the PSP console. "Tekken: Dark Resurrection" boasts excellent control mechanics and an entertaining head-to-head mode with over thirty characters to choose from.
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