10 Best Vintage Muscle Cars

Indulge your gearhead and explore the 10 best vintage muscle cars. The ten best vintage muscle cars define a special part of American car culture. These are cars that packed a lot of speed and power into a thick, beefy package.

  1. Dodge Charger After making a name for itself as the “General Lee” in the “Dukes of Hazard,” the Dodge Charger became one of the most recognizable muscle cars on the market. Being our childhood dream car is what makes it one of the ten best vintage muscles cars.  
  2. Oldsmobile 442 When you think of the ten best vintage muscle cars, Oldsmobile is probably not the first manufacturer that springs to mind, but in 1962 Oldsmobile introduced a car that could rival the power of any of the muscle cars on the market.
  3. Mustang Colby It’s small block engine and relatively short stature caused some people to dismiss this one of the ten best vintage muscle cars as something that doesn’t stand up to bigger muscle cars. But if you know what you’re doing, you could turn that small block engine into a powerhouse that could leave any other car its dust.
  4. Chevelle Super Sport This vintage muscle car came in the most varieties. It came in hard-top or convertible and a powerful 300 horsepower engine. It had the bold, classic lines that defined the muscle cars of its day and was a model that made the muscle cars American classics.
  5. Camaro The vintage Camaro gets its style from a combination of the Jaguar and the legendary Aston Martin. Over time they were able to refine the suspension to match the incredible style of the car. The Camaro set the pace for the style that defined muscle cars and hence the Camaro is one of our ten best vintage cars.
  6. Dodge Challenger This car was designed to capture the growing muscle car market that was created by the Camaro and Mustang. Like all muscle cars, it is defined by its wide front end and massive engine. It isn’t the most stylish of the muscle cars, but it is definitely a beast that's amazing to drive. It’s the monster  handling that made it one of our ten best vintage muscle cars.
  7. Chrysler Hemi For most of us younger folks, the introduction of the massive Hemi into the Dodge Charger was one of the greatest things to happen to modern cars. Alas, the 2006 Dodge Charger wasn’t the first car to sport a Hemi. Having a Hemi way back in 1955 is what makes this among the ten best vintage muscle cars.
  8. GTO From the time it was first released in 1964 to the present day, the Pontiac GTO has long been known as a beast of a automobile. Its narrow face and its wide hood are daring you to take it on. This is one of the ten best vintage muscle cars because it’s the personification of bad ass.
  9. Pontiac Firebird Perhaps best known for the trademark firebird on the hood, the Pontiac Firebird is one of the ten vintage best muscle cars because it’s the definition of a man mobile. You see that thing rolling down the street and you know that the guy behind the wheel is a total chick magnet.
  10. Ford Grand Torino Originally designed to be a mid-sized version of the Ford Fairlane, it quickly carved out a name for itself as a muscle car that was all speed and power. And having Clint Eastwood behind the wheel of one in his 2006 film of the same name made it even more bad ass. Speed, power and Clint Eastwood makes this one of the ten best vintage muscle cars.
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