10 Best Vodka Cocktails

The ten best vodka cocktails are hard to choose. Vodka is one of the most popular liqueurs in circulation and has maintained its title as one of the most commonly mixed liqueurs in the world. Below are ten of the best vodka cocktails, even if they aren’t the most well-known.


  1. Bloody Mary This particular drink is famous, but deserves notice anyway. Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, black pepper and salt, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce in a glass with a celery stick. Don’t let it scare you away before you try it, though the Mary it’s named after was a hell of a woman.
  2. Martini There are so many kinds of vodka cocktails with martini in the name that they could make up their own list a few times over. Based on vodka and usually a fruit flavored liqueur they are served in a signature glass. Try cantaloupe, mango, apple, citrus lavender, chocolate, pomegranate, or peach.
  3. The Russians The White Russian is made with vodka, light cream or milk, and Kahlua. The Black Russian is made with vodka and Kahlua, though you can add in crème de cassis. Both are something to try and hands down some of the most popular vodka cocktails. Unlike the martini you can be a guy and order these.
  4. Sex on the Beach Don’t order this for a girl unless you’re already dating her, it’s not a good come-on. Vodka, peachtree schnapps, crème de cassis, orange juice, and cranberry juice with an orange slice and a cherry in a glass. This is a bright, cheerful drink for any beach bar.
  5. Salty Dog Vodka, grapefruit juice, and salt on the rim. It might bring up the image of a gnarled old sailors but this cocktail is anything but old. Salty and sour but still, there’s something sweet about it.
  6. Gold Kiwi Drop It might sound a little odd, kiwi and vodka doesn’t sound like a good mix, but this it's worth trying and makes an excellent summer treat. Vanilla vodka and gold kiwi lemon sorbet is a chilly drink for exotic summer getaways.
  7. Godmother Sure, the word Godmother conjures the rotund one made famous by Disney. This vodka cocktail is anything but. Vodka and Amaretto together make a heady but delicious drink, perfect for sitting in a dim pub with friends.
  8. Blue Lagoon Not many people can imagine drinking something that’s neon blue, even if it does arouse images of a paradisiacal pool of water hidden away in the tropics. Vodka, blue Curacao, and lemonade in a tall glass with a bright pretty flower beckon to anyone.
  9. Cappuccino Cocktail Another must mention coffee cocktail. Vodka, coffee liqueur, and light cream in a glass served cold. It’s a nice cup of coffee for a warm summer evening (or morning, for that matter).
  10.  Honey Lemon Drop Not many people would think to mix thick honey with slick vodka but whoever did so was a wise, wise man. Vodka, honey, and lemon juice to meld them together. A sweet treat, that might just remind you of those candies your grandmother always carried.  
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