10 Best Wakeboarding Bindings

If you are in the market for wakeboarding equipment below is a list of the ten best wakeboarding bindings that may save hours in research time. One of the most essential pieces of wakeboarding equipment are the bindings. Whether you are in the waves with a few buddies or in a fierce competition, the best wakeboarding bindings should not only improve your experience but also make it safer. They should also be simple to attach and adjust. A good pair of wakeboarding bindings will make a huge difference in the way you ride.

  1. As the creators of the original wakeboarding bindings, Hyperlite secures the #1 spot. Hyperlite is also the top choice of pro riders. However, these bindings are solid and forgiving making them suitable for advanced and beginners alike. They offer a variety of styles, colors and options for both men and women. As far as safety, they are comfortable to wear for extended periods and have little to no heel lift. These contributing factors from Hyperlite make them the best wakeboarding bindings out there.
  2. The leading obstacle to wakeboarding is getting in and out of your wakeboarding bindings. CWB now offers a new Gen6 plate, which has a heel lock hinge for zero heel lift. Now, getting in and out of your wakeboard bindings is easier, safer and significantly reduces everyday wear and tear. CWB also has cushy insole pads and Velcro straps for a secure fit.
  3. Ronix’s high performance boot comes complete with a flexible shell that decreases pressure points and allows for greater mobility. In addition, a high impact shock absorbing foot bed allows for less distance between a rider's foot and the wakeboard. They are also one of the few Eco-friendly companies that do not use PVC solvents.
  4. Byerly Wakeboard Bindings have added never-before-seen features to their line. Their interlocking lace system allows for greater flexibility between the lower and upper areas of the boot. Also, the lower placement of the plate placing the rider nearer to the deck of the board – allows for greater control capabilities.
  5. Liquid Force Wakeboard Bindings offer cool features and loads of suction. Recently, Liquid Force introduced the Fast System that allows for unlimited stance options. Lightweight and supportive they provide a soft foot bed while retaining a strong support system. If you are looking for maximum adjustability and a snug fit these, allow you to just strap down and go. While they are sometimes difficult to remove, they are a great boot for the price.
  6. Company Pro offers many great features at a reasonable price. Their boot liner provides additional comfort with a re-sculpted upper cuff. If riding all day is your thing, this boot is light and has Helium impact zones for shock and pain free riding. In addition, you can easily slide into this boot.
  7. O’Brien boasts having the largest selection on the web and is usually on the lower-end of the price spectrum. They also provide a cushioned ride that lowers foot cramping. Left and right specific plates offer an improved fitting for your foot.
  8. Gator Board’s True One Piece Plate does not require any hardware or extra parts to attach to the board. They are also super light and keep your Achilles tendon and heel securely inside.
  9. Slingshot offers liners that fit custom to your feet meaningless cramping and longer sets. In addition, with their four-hole insert pattern you basically have no heel or toe lift at all. A two-hole pattern is also offered.
  10. Vandall wakeboarding bindings offer 3D Stretch Zones that allow for ejection on hard turns. In addition, their Triple Velcro Straps and Custom Fit Liner create a form-fitting feel.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, a good pair of bindings will make the difference between an average or a superb ride. There are many wakeboarding bindings out there but of them, all, these get the best wakeboarding bindings vote. So suit up, strap in and enjoy the ride.

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