10 Best Wakeboards For Men

Some of the 10 best wakeboards for men look similar but have very different features. But at the end of the day, a wakeboard is a wakeboard. Or is it?

  1. Liquid Force Angel 130: The moshed-up paint job on the Liquid Force Angel wakeboard screams of coolness all over. But then, what else would you expect from something with a curved tail for aggressive flips?
  2. CWB Faze 140: If Tony Hawk could choose just one wakeboard, it would be this one. The ultra-metro red, black and white colors make this wakeboard for men look more like a skateboard on water.
  3. Hyperlite Byerly Conspiracy: If you're a fan of the "Affliction" brand, you're sure to love the Bylerly Conspiracy wakeboard. This is one of the best wakeboards for men when you take into account the design, reinforced foot area and finless structure.
  4. Ronix Dahlia 135: For a killer board with a hip hop vibe, go for one of the best wakeboards for men in the Ronix Dahlia. This one's designed to give you a better edge with the railing design, letting you slice through the water like it was nothing.
  5. Slingshot Recoil 138: If you've got an extra $360 laying around, the Slingshot Recoil is the wakeboard of choice. Its all-manly design features a light yet durable core and stability assistance like no other.
  6. Byerly Assault: This wakeboard coordinates just great with your Metallica T-shirt cover-up. Nothing but black and white madness will cross the waters. Your wake will be a blur with this double-lapped, layered glass wakeboard.
  7. Byerly Monarch: The entire family of Bylerly Monarch boards were designed with a guy mind, that's for sure. However, you'd better have a pretty thick pocketbook, as these run around $700 for full retail price. But what were you expecting with a lifetime warranty, a raised footbed and 3-stage rocking blend?
  8. Liquid Axis: The Liquid Axis wakeboards for men feature multiple railing types and three-staged curves for better rocking maneuverability than the competitor. It comes in pitch black and chemical green.
  9. Liquid ForceFlex Henshaw: Okay, so if you're one of those guys who insists upon wearing plaid trunks, you must have a wakeboard with orange, black and blue buffalo check to match. This one features a grind base for maximum sliding.
  10. O'Brien The Natural: If a wakeboarding natural is what you are, then get your Robert Redford-ness on in the water department with this no-fuss wakeboard. This one features eight fins and a three-stage rocking system.
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