10 Best Warm Places To Live

Throw away your snow suits and down jacket, because we have here the top 10 best warm places to live. With sunshine year round, you won't need that snow suit. Pack your shorts, flip flops, bathing suit and sunscreen. These ten places have warm weather almost all year long.

  1. San Diego, California. San Diego is beautiful city with the Pacific Ocean as the ultimate backdrop. With year-round sunshine, you will catch people at the beach in December or August. San Diego has a fantastic art district, perfect weather, plenty of nightlife and some excellent schools.
  2. Sante Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe is a charming city that offers sunshine all year. The daytime temperatures are warm, but nights tend to get a little chilly. The population in Santa Fe is on the rise, making this a top best warm place to live.
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu sees sunshine almost every day of the year, and with an average daily temperature of 80 degrees, how can you go wrong? There is plenty to do on this Hawaiian island and you shouldn't have a problem finding a job; the job growth in Honolulu is above the national average.
  4. Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta has a warm and pleasant climate almost all year long. Putting down roots in Atlanta won't break your bank either, with the median home price hovering around $165,000.
  5. San Luis Obispo, California. San Luis Obispo is a quiet town located on the central coast of California. With over 285 sunny days every year, San Luis Obispo is a top warm place to live. Rarely does it get over 90 degrees or below the freezing mark.
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want non-stop action and sunshine, this is the top best warm place to live. Las Vegas offers a reasonable housing market and plenty of entertainment.
  7. Miami, Florida. Miami is all about year-round sunshine, beautiful people, amazing beaches and nightlife. If you are looking for the top best warm places to live, then put Miami on the top of your list.
  8. Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix has sunshine 80 percent of the year, making this a top best warm place to live.
  9. Key West, Florida. Key West has an average temperature of 78 degrees. Key West has beautiful beaches and is considered to be a safe place to live.
  10. Maui, Hawaii. Maui is one of the smaller islands in the chain of Hawaiian islands, but you will find sunshine year-round. Housing can be a little more expensive in Maui compared to the other Hawaiian islands.
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