10 Best Water Ski Lakes

Families can enjoy their vacations at any of the 10 best water skiing lakes. This is a very popular recreational activity and there are several water ski resorts across the United States of America.

  1. Shahola Lake in Pennsylvania. This water skiing lake is located in the Pocono Mountains and is a fun filled nature loving water skiing lake. The area has a lot of wild animals roaming the mountains. It is surrounded by beautiful ski resorts where families can relax and enjoy the breath taking wildlife adventure.
  2. Lake Michigan. Outdoor, nature loving activities can be enjoyed on this best water skiing lake. This lake is located near the resort area and activities such as camping, hiking and various water sports are very popular. This is one of the most visited water skiing lakes for vacation and relaxation.
  3. Lake George in New York. Nature lovers who want to enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, boating and hiking can experience all these adventures at Lake George. This water skiing lake is in a resort town where visitors can unwind in any luxury hotel of their choice. The captivating Adirondack Park is located at this lake as well.
  4. Lake Tahoe in Nevada and California. A cruise does not have to be on the ocean. Some of the best water skiing lakes offer cruises with nature rich scenery, surrounded by the lush vegetation of greenery and fresh air. You can enjoy the beauty of wildlife experiences in a unique recreational activity. Fishing and hiking are also special treats.
  5. Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. This unique water skiing lake offer golfing. The landscape has a very beautiful golf course as well as parks. The lake is famous for its boating activities as well as fishing.
  6. Lake Norman in North Carolina. The city of Mooresville has one of the best water skiing lakes. It is situated on a private rental property that facilitates everyone’s privacy. Activities such as swimming, fishing and hiking are popular in this area.
  7. Lake Chelan in Michigan. This lake has a beautiful state park as well as rental homes. It is famous for its golfing as well as swimming activities. This water skiing lake offers the best family relaxation while enjoying wildlife activities.
  8. Wallowa Lake in Oregon. Situated in Joseph Oregon is this magnificent national forest. The nearby town has several relaxation activities such as spas. Hiking is very popular treat as well as relaxation in their private rental homes.
  9. Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. Russell County has one of the best water skiing lakes. This popular state resort park offers camping, fishing and jet skiing. It is located to the famous race horse track. This is a great family retreat.
  10. Clear Lake in California. This spectacular water skiing lake is located in Lake County. It is famous for its cruising and boating as well as fishing and skiing. There are several restaurants and rental homes within close vicinity.

These attractions can be explored at the ten best water skiing lakes. They are surrounded by lush vegetation of forest that offers various nature loving recreational activities and wild life experiences.

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