10 Best Ways To Apologize

Choosing one or more of the 10 best ways to apologize is a great way to show your wife or girlfriend that you really care. A sincere, heartfelt apology tells a woman you respect her and are willing to admit a mistake. Learning effective ways to apologize is necessary to strengthen and repair a relationship. The way to apologize should be appropriate for the situation and fit her personality.

  1. Be sincere. The best way to apologize is by being sincere. An apology should not be forced. Women can see through a false apology and this will often make matters worse. An apology must come from the heart and not be a way to simply diffuse a situation.
  2. Be honest. Making excuses is not the way to apologize. Be open and honest about the situation and the apology. Lying and saying “I didn’t mean to” when something was intentional will only make matters worse. Be honest and do not commit to making promises that cannot be kept.
  3. Wait until things cool off. The worst time to apologize is in the middle of a heated argument when she is at the peak of anger. Let the situation cool off for a bit first. Take a short walk and diffuse the situation before making an apology. Women are more willing to listen and accept an apology after they have had time to cool off.
  4. Take her on a date. The date can be romantic or fun, depending on her personality. Do not take her on a date that you want to go on. Take her to her favorite place, doing something she enjoys. The date should be about her and making her happy.
  5. Buy her a gift. This should not be misinterpreted as buying her love or as material things making up for a wrongdoing. However, surprising her with a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewelry she’s been looking at can help smooth things over. The gift should be something simple that will make her feel better so she wants to accept your apology.
  6. Admit you’ve made a mistake. Humans after all do make mistakes. Simply saying you’re sorry is not an effective way to apologize. Whatever the reason for the apology, acknowledge your own wrongdoings. Be careful not to point out her wrongdoings during the apology, this is about the mistakes you made.
  7. Be romantic. Romance can mean different things to different people. Know what your wife or girlfriend considers to be romantic. If she likes flowers, fill the house with fresh flowers. If she likes candlelit dinners, prepare a romantic candlelit dinner for her. Run a bubble bath for her, surrounded by candles and fresh flowers.
  8. Do something nice for her. A nice way to apologize is to go out of your way to do something extra special nice for her. If she’s stressed and overwhelmed with housework and errands, offer to do the dishes or vacuum. Offer to make the trip to the post office since it’s completely out of the way as she does her other errands. Offer to take the kids to the park so she can have some quiet time to herself.
  9. Make an effort not to repeat the same mistake. Apologizes are meaningless if the same mistakes are repeated over and over. Let her know that you are working really hard to keep from making the same mistake, and mean it. Be careful not to promise the mistake will never happen again, as she will see through the apology knowing this is not a promise anyone can keep 100% of the time. People make mistakes, and you should acknowledge and make an honest effort not to repeat the same mistake again.
  10. Acknowledge her feelings. This is probably the most important way to apologize, right along with being sincere. Acknowledging her feelings goes a long way for smoothing things over and having her accept your apology. This shows you care about her feelings, respect her feelings and take into consideration how she feels. It doesn’t matter if you think she is justified in getting angry or upset over a situation or not. She did and that must be acknowledged to make an apology effective.
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