10 Best Wedding Grand Entrance Songs

A wedding grand entrance song is played when the wedding party enters the reception. It is tradition to play a song and have everyone introduced by an announcer. Save the sappy love songs for the first dance, and use the grand entrance to have a little fun.

  1. “Eye of the Tiger”by Survivor. Although often overused in weddings, “Eye of the Tiger” will always be a perfect song choice for the grand entrance. The intro will get the crowds attention and allows the announcer time to introduce the new couple. Also, everyone knows the song, and will recognize it and sing along.
  2. “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. Another well-known choice, “Celebration” is a great wedding grand entrance song because it prepares the guests for a party. Again, everyone has this heard song, and the party will start as the music gets them dancing.
  3. “Thunderstruck”by ACDC. “Thunderstruck” has a great intro that allows the announcer to do his job. The newlyweds should wait until further into the song before entering the reception, waiting until the guests start chanting “thunder”.
  4. “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band. Classical music is always a fine choice for a wedding procession. Take a famous Beethoven symphony and turn it into a disco song and it becomes a fine choice for a wedding grand entrance song. Made famous on Saturday Night Fever, this song will have the happy couple dancing like Travolta.
  5. “Baby, Look at Us” by Sarina Paris. This dance hit is perfect for the couple that struggled to get where they are. It is an upbeat and sweet club hit that will make everyone smile. There is no intro to the song, so it would be better to have the announcer introduce the couple before the song plays.
  6. “Lucy and Linus – The Peanuts theme” by Vince Guaraldi. This jazz piece was made famous in many episodes of The Peanuts. It is probably best remembered during “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when the cast of the Christmas play is dancing instead of rehearsing. The Peanuts were a close-knit group of friends, and their theme song can represent the wedding party in the same way.
  7. “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. This fun upbeat choice is another favorite wedding grand entrance song. Sunshine represents happiness, which is what the newlywed couple should be feeling at that moment they walk into the reception.
  8. “Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Theme Song” by John Philip Sousa. Although written as a military song called “The Liberty Bell”, Monty Python made it famous. The music brings out a sense of circus fun, which is what wedding receptions often become. On top of that, marriage is circus.
  9. “The Newlywed Game Theme Song”. Not only is does this theme song have a perfect title, but it also starts out with a wedding march before going into the melody. The beginning will alert guests that the married couple is arriving.
  10. “Get Ready for This” by 2 Unlimited. This famous club hit has everything required for a wedding grand entrance song. There are few lyrics, giving the announcer plenty of time to introduce the wedding party. The song has a big bang start to alert the guests of the arrivals. “Get Ready for This” is also a fun dance song that will get the guests dancing and ready to party.

One more extra. Before playing the wedding grand entrance song, play something to alert the guests to the arriving wedding party. A great choice for this, and gamers will love it, is the “Victory Theme Song” from Final Fantasy.

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