10 Best Wedding Love Songs

If you are planning a wedding, you may be looking for the ten best wedding love songs. Although there are many love songs available and new songs popping up, the wedding songs you choose should be ones that speak to your heart, songs that touch your soul. These ten best wedding love songs come from all genres.

  1. Lonestar- “Amazed”. Since Lonestar released “Amazed” it has been at the top of nearly every best-of wedding song list. This wraps up all the feelings that a bride and groom have with one pretty little song that tells the one you love how amazing you are. 
  2. Edwin McCain- “I Could Not Ask for More”. Telling your soul mate that you could not ask for more because they are all you ever wanted is a fundamental song on what a marriage is about.  A great way to start married life together by proclaiming that you are everything they have ever wanted. 
  3. Bryan Adams- “(Everything I do) I Do it for You”. From the moment that “Robinhood” was released, this song has been played at every wedding. It is a great way to tell your spouse that everything you do in your life is for them.
  4. 98 Degrees- “I do (cherish you)”. It is obvious that if you got married that you love your spouse to be told how much they cherish you are reassuring words. It is one thing to love someone but to cherish them is love on a whole different level.  This makes a great first dance song for the husband and wife. 
  5. Elton John- “Can you Feel the Love Tonight”. Even the “Lion King” knows the power for this song. This is the perfect love song to begin the rest of your life when your surrounded by family and friends.
  6. Kci and JoJo- “All my Life”. What better way to celebrate a marriage than with a song that proclaims it all. You were the one they had been searching for and they finally found you.
  7. Michael Bolton- ”When a Man Loves a Woman”. The song title says it all. There is no better way to start a marriage than with a man professing his love and commitment to his new bride. He lets her know that she is the only thing on his mind and that he can not think of anything else.
  8. Luther Vandross- “Here and Now”. Although every good wedding love song is about professing ones love to the other, “Here and Now”, says that your love is all I need.
  9. Berlin- “Take my Breath Away” From the moment we saw Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, this song stuck in our heads just as the moment that you married your one and only should.
  10. Eric Clapton- “Wonderful Tonight”. There never is a better moment than when your partner tells you how wonderful you look. Whether you have just rolled out of bed or headed to a royal ball, your partner should think you’re amazing no matter what. 
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