10 Best Wedding Party Songs

Get your guests on their feet with these 10 best wedding party songs.  A good playlist will include a bit of everything, from fast dance for the younger guests to slow romantic songs for the older ones.  Mix it up and provide a great time for everyone with these 10 best wedding party songs.

  1. "I Will Always Love You", by Whitney Houston – This is one of those wedding party songs that has it all.  Deep meaningful lyrics, a passionate melody, and music that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.  This song can be used for a special wedding party moment, or as standard dance music guests can enjoy.
  2. "Shout", by The Isley Brothers – Anyone that has ever seen the movie "The Wedding Crashers" will remember this song.  It's a fast-paced song that will get guests up on the dance floor together.  When looking for the best wedding party songs, you can't go wrong with this classic hit that has been around since the 1950's.
  3. "Wind Beneath My Wings", by Bette Midler – Since being featured in the hit movie "Beaches" in 1990, this has been one of the most requested songs for weddings. With its beautiful lyrics and soothing dance tune, this song is appropriate for general dancing, parent/child dancing, or even couple dancing.
  4. "You Can't Touch This", by MC Hammer – This is a fun wedding party song that always makes guests giggle when they hear it.  With this song, you are stating to the world that you are taken; albeit it in an odd and unusual way.  Pump up the volume, and clear the dance floor because this song gets guests dancing.
  5. "We Are Family", by Sister Sledge – Marriage is not just about the union of a couple, but also the joining of two families.  This is one of the best wedding party songs as it signifies the unity felt by all the family members on this special day.  It's fast paced and fun to dance to as well.
  6. "Nothing Compares To You", by Sinead O'Connor –  The beautiful title and lyrics to this song make it perfect for a wedding.  In the song, it talks about the loneliness one person feels without the other and how it truly takes two people to make one feel complete.  This is a slow-paced song that all guests can enjoy dancing to.
  7. "Let's Get It On", by Marvin Gaye – This wedding party song is sultry, sexy, and a great tune to slow dance to at a wedding reception.  Couples can't resist getting up and dancing to this song.
  8. "Who Let the Dogs Out", by Baha Men – This particular song has absolutely nothing to do with love or marriage, but it's guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.  This is one of the best wedding party songs for events that include children because all the kids know the lyrics – in fact, all your guests will!
  9. "Another One Bites the Dust", by Queen – Guests will die laughing when they hear this song played at your wedding party!  This song bids farewell to another single couple in a very fun way.  This is one of the best wedding party songs because it's got a great dance beat AND is a nice ice breaker when played at the start of the party.
  10. "From This Moment", by Shania Twain –  Signify the start of a marriage that will last a lifetime with this beautiful song from Shania Twain.  This song is a nice choice for the happy couple's first dance as husband and wife.  Guests will also enjoy slow dancing to this sentimental melody.
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