10 Best Weekend Getaway Spots

Everyone loves to have a break from the hectic world of work and the hum-drum activities of life, and the 10 best weekend getaway spots enable city folk to escape the smog, and country folk to say goodbye to the farm animals for a well deserved break. The best getaway spots appeal to a wide variety of people with fun activities and a laid back atmosphere. 

  1. Bahamas: Barely off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas are an easy to reach, fairly inexpensive tropical weekend getaway spot. The many resorts of the Bahamas offer guests a choice between lounging around at the beach and lounging around at the pool. Most people try both. 
  2. Las Vegas: The reason Las Vegas ranks as one of the best getaway spots is because what happens there stays there … or so they claim. It is a great location to escape the nagging spouse for a bit and if you don't have a spouse it is a great place to pick one up in a quickie marriage ceremony. 
  3. New York City: For people who live there, it can seem like a concrete jungle, but for others it is a great weekend getaway spot. New York contains lots of free museums, historic monuments and Broadway houses the best stage shows in the nation. It is a great place for people seeking fun.
  4. Smoky Mountains: The Smoky mountains overlook the North Carolina, Tennessee border and contain a variety of wildlife including black bears. The mountains are a great spot for hiking, camping and nature walks in spring.
  5. Rocky Mountains: Adventurous souls who want to do more than hiking on a mountain should head to the Rocky Mountains. Resorts like Aspen, Co., are the perfect weekend getaway spots for people seeking some time on the piste. 
  6. Niagara Falls: Couples in search of romantic weekend getaway spots could do worse than follow the lead of Superman and head to the natural wonder on the U.S./Canadian border. Niagara is a great place to take photos and marvel at the power of nature. It is a far cry from the office.
  7. Miami" People who like night clubs, Salsa dancing and roller skates know Miami is one of the best weekend spots in the nation. Whether you want to enter a bronzed body contest or check out the finest Speedo's in the country, Miami is the place to be.
  8. New Orleans: The Big Easy sounds like a fund location and during Mardi-Gras it is heaving with souls every weekend. bars are numerous, clubs plentiful and romantics will enjoy rides on horse drawn carts.
  9. Yellowstone: One of the most popular national parks in the U.S. boasts a large variety of wildlife and natural wonders such as the Old Faithful Geyser. Camping is a fun option for a weekend getaway in Yellowstone but local hotels cater to those who fear sleeping in the wild.
  10. San Francisco: San Francisco is situated on the West Coast sufficiently Northern to be away from the crowded beaches in the south. Alcatraz and sea lions provide offshore entertainment while climbing hills and riding trams keep onshore folks more than content at this weekend getaway spot.
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