10 Best Weightlifting Songs

If you ever just wanted to setup a killer playlist of the 10 best weightlifting songs that will just keep you pushing and pumped up while attempting to reach your fitness goals, then you are in the right place. Music has a way of speaking to people in different ways depending on what they are doing while they listen or what their mood happens to be at that given time. 

  1. "Winner", Jamie Foxx ft T.I. & Justin Timberlake. What a dynamic trio to come together and knock it out of the park with this one. This song is motivating and makes you want to strive to be just that, a "winner". This song has proven itself more than worthy to sit atop the ten best weightlifting songs list. 
  2. "Never Again", Nickelback. This song is one that invokes a lot of emotion. This song will have you pushing up more reps because it makes you feel like you are the one going to defend the woman's honor and give this guy what he deserves for beating her. This is truly fitting for the ten best weightlifting songs.
  3. "She Loves Me Not", Papa Roach. "She Loves Me Not"  is one of those "I'll show them" type of songs; an almost "in your face" kind of approach with amazing grungy guitar effects and skill that just keep you pushing. This song more than fits in as one of the ten best weightlifting songs.
  4. "Take it Away", The Used. An amazing song that is sure to wake you up and get you going into any weightlifting routine you have setup. Just when you think it is going to mellow out, the chorus kicks in and you are back in the mix of energizing workout greatness. 
  5. "Ease off the Liquor", Timbaland. The overall message and craftsmanship behind "Ease off the Liquor" makes it a great song for any weightlifting routine because not only does it have a great, up-tempo beat, but it also reminds you to ease off the liquor and almost focus on your fitness. If this isn't a great fit for the ten best weightlifting songs, then not sure what is. 
  6. "You Make Me Wanna Remix", Usher. This is a classic song to begin with, but with Timbaland's remix version of this song, it makes it a perfect selection for the ten best weightlifting songs" list. Not only are the lyrics hot, but the beat is sure to keep you wanting to push yourself further and further with the amount of weight you push. 
  7. "Rapper's Delight", The Sugar Hill Gang. This piece of hip hop history is truly a classic, and still has what it takes to move your body and get you moving and motivated in the gym. This song doesn't really cause the same reaction as a rock song per say. It is a feel-good song that will go well with the endorphins being produced from the workout. 
  8. "Death of a Panda", The Silent Scene. The lyrics and tempo of this song is one that will have you feeling good and ready to get your sweat on. Just as you think you have reached muscle fatigue, this song will turn on and through your sport headphones will be the boost of energy you need to push out a couple more reps. 
  9. "Victory", P-Diddy ft. Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes. This song has a horn section in the beat that makes you feel like you are about to march into battle and open the biggest can of you know what possible. That being said, in a weightlifting setting, this song delivers that feeling of being untouchable and inferior to anyone or any weight that is set before you. 
  10. "Don't Stay" Linkin Park. If it is constant power you are after, this song is a perfect choice to round off the top spot of the ten best weightlifting songs list. This song from the very start speaks for itself when it comes to a motivational package . If you don't feel pumped with this song, you need to call an EMT to have your pulse checked. 
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