10 Best Welterweight MMA Fighters of All Time

The welterweight division has some of the best MMA fighters on the planet. It doesn't matter what fight organization you prefer; the talent is abundant any way you slice it. There are so many that have made a name for themselves within the welterweight division, but there are only an elite group who are worthy of being called the best welterweight MMA fighters of all time. 

  1. Georges "Rush" St. Pierre. This Canadian fighter is the complete package. He is a natural born athlete and demonstrates his skills with his incredibly fast stand-up and unparalleled wrestling technique. If he takes your back you might as well consider yourself beat. He lands some of the most punishing knees on the ground to the body which Matt Serra can fully attest to. 
  2. Matt Hughes. This country boy definitely can survive. Matt Hughes has defeated some of the biggest names in UFC history like UFC hall of famer, Royce Gracie, Georges St. Pierre, and B.J. Penn. He is a down to earth farm boy who is no stranger to hard work and dedication, and in the octagon it truly shows. 
  3. B.J. "The Prodigy" Penn. His name describes him perfectly; he is exactly that, a prodigy. To achieve his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in three and a half years is a huge accomplishment in itself. Most don't reach BJJ black belt for eleven or twelve years. Aside from his jiu jitsu, Penn possesses some of the best boxing skills in the sport. He has an island boys attitude that drives him and pushes him to go further and train harder every day.
  4. Matt "The Terror" Serra. This New York boy is full of attitude and full of raw talent. He has an in your face "pit bull" type of a fighting style that has proven to make him a household name amongst MMA fans all over the world. This Ultimate Fighter winner has proved that you can do anything if you want it bad enough, and boy did he ever. His hard work and determination has not only earned him the welterweight championship belt at one point in his career, but it has also landed him a spot on our top ten best MMA welterweights of all time. 
  5. Nick Diaz. Although he still has a long career left ahead of him, he has already established himself as being worthy of recognition as one of the top ten best welterweight MMA fighters of all time. 
  6. Marius "The Whitemare" Zaromskis. This fighter has demonstrated that he is not a fighter that should be taken lightly in the ring. He too has felt the glory of having a welterweight championship belt being wrapped around his waist and it didn't come without the hunger which is still so evident in his training today.
  7. Takashi Nakakura. This Japanese welterweight is a Shooto fighter who has proven he will not be taken down easily. He has done so in extraordinary fashion by being undefeated in the ring since 2005. He has proven to be one of the best welterweight MMA fighters of all time. 
  8. Jake Shields. This fighter has a lot more to come in his future in the sport of MMA. At just age thirty one, he has achieved so much in the Strikeforce organization, and the only place left for him to go is up.
  9. Dong Hyun Kim. This twenty-eight year old Korean phenomenon has proven to be quite the force in the UFC with an undefeated record and an ambition that can conquer the world. Look out at the top, cause he is coming for the belt. 
  10. Paulo Thiago. This Brazilian special forces member is no stranger to dangerous situations or encounters in or out of the ring. He belongs to an elite team of drug fighters who knock down doors and take out major drug cartel members throughout Brazil. His challengers in the octagon seem like a walk in the park compared to his day job. His willingness to fight with heart everyday has earned him his status in the MMA world as one of the best welterweight MMA fighters of all time.


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