10 Best West Coast Rap Songs

The 10 best West Coast rap songs are mostly songs that originated in the early 80's. These songs come from rappers that were born and raised on the West Coast. Many rappers that were brought from the West Coast started in groups and in the future broke off into individual artists. The list below provides a list of songs that originated in the West Coast.

  1. "It Was A Good Day." Ice Cube is responsible for this West Coast vibe in this song. Ice Cube speaks about a day to where there is no problems and everything goes as he plans. This day to Ice Cube is considered a Good day.
  2. "Boyz N The Hood." The remix of this song was wrote by Easy-E and originated from the soundtrack of "Boyz N The Hood." This song's vibe comes from the perspective of how he and his boys live in the hood.  The song became very popular around the same time the movie was released. 
  3. "Life Goes On." 2Pac was a very deep artist and most of the time he wrote songs about his life and what it was he had experienced. "Life Goes On" is a song that gives others a reassurance that life does go on no matter what the current situation may be.
  4. "I Got 5 On It." Luniz wrote this song to be a funny type of money scheme. The phrase "I got five on it," is a song that originates from a person stating how much money they have to purchase something with someone else. "Five on it" can be seen as five dollars or any form of payment that has to do with the number five.
  5. "Run 4 Your Life." Mc Eiht was a rapper that was heavily involved in gangs and drugs. This rapper wrote this song teaching people how to run from the police. This song originated from Mc Eiht running from the police from a drug charge, and he used his energy toward this particular song.
  6. "The Puppet Master." Dr. Dre was a rapper that used many of metaphors to compliment his music. Dr. Dre in this song referred to himself as a "Master Puppet," meaning that he controls the movement of things around him. The song lets off great steam on how Dr. Dre is the hero in many situations, and how he loves to be in control.
  7. "Catch A Bad One." Del tha Funky Homosapien was a rapper that was looked over for a while and came out with this hit and people loved him. This song focuses on a guy meeting a girl and her not being the right one for him. He speaks on how he wants the right one and a personal overview of what she may look like but when she comes it turns out she is the bad one.
  8. "Blow the Whistle." Too short is a group of men that came out with this song in the late 80's and brought lots of attention with this title. Many people begin getting whistles and blowing them at women who they thought were attractive. Women at first hated this West Coast rap song but began to eventually love it.
  9. "Indo Smoke." Mista Grimm wrote this song to indicate a type of smoke that he was familiar with. This song took a while to take off, do to the heavy content in the song. This rapper described this smoke as the best smoke he as a rapper had ever had.
  10. "Just Cause I called You A Bitch." Rappin' 4-Tay made this song and directed toward the women that he had come in contact with. 4-Tay's perspective on the name Bitch came from a different stand point for women. This name to 4-Tay was not to be taking in a bad way and just because he calls you a "bitch" it's not being said in a negative derogatory type of way.
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