10 Best Western Movies On DVD

The list of 10 best Western movies on DVD includes a mix of conventional Western films as well as newer Westerns that changed the genre by blurring the lines between heroes and villains. Not all great Western movies are on DVD yet, so this list is not equivalent to a list of the best Western movies. But, both Western aficionados and casual viewers should find any movie on this list entertaining. 

  1. “Stagecoach.” This is the film that made John Wayne a big star. A diverse group of stagecoach passengers travel through wilderness country while Indians are on the warpath. The special edition DVD set includes commentary and information about the movie's stuntmen.

  2. “Shane.” Alan Ladd leads an ensemble cast in this Western movie as a reformed gunfighter who helps a group of farmers resist a greedy cattle baron trying to drive them from their land. The DVD transfer of this movie is exceptional and captures the color of the original film perfectly.

  3. “High Noon.” This is one of the best Western movies on DVD because it's not only a superb Western, but an outstanding suspense drama as well. Gary Cooper plays a town marshal who learns that a criminal gang he sent to prison has been released. They're coming to town on the noon train, and they intend to kill him. Tension builds as one-by-one, the townspeople, including his deputy and his new wife, abandon Cooper to his fate.

  4. “The Searchers.” Directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, this film is considered by many to be the best Western movie ever made. A Confederate veteran searches for his niece for five years after she is kidnapped by Indians. There are several editions of this great Western movie on DVD, including full screen and wide screen versions.

  5. “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.” This film is one of the best Western movies on DVD because it, along with several other similar movies, changed the genre. Clint Eastwood stars as an amoral, shabby hero in a movie where the good and bad aren't as clearly defined as they are in most previous Westerns. Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef also give terrific performances.

  6. “Rio Grande.” This edition of John Ford's cavalry trilogy starring John Wayne is one of the best Western movies on DVD because the beautiful Maureen O'Hara co-stars with Wayne. There are several editions of this movie available on DVD, including a special edition with extra footage and commentary.

  7. “The Wild Bunch.” This film ushered in a change in Western movies as it presented the dark side of the West. The villains are the protagonists in this film. William Holden stars as the leader of an outlaw gang out to pull one last job. The movie is known for what its extreme violence. A special edition DVD is available with additional features.

  8. “Ride the High Country.” This is the last movie made by Randolph Scott and one of the last by Joel McCrea. Two aging cowboys are hired to deliver gold from a mine to a bank. But, one of them plans to steal it. This isn't just one of the best Western movies on DVD, it's widely considered one of the best Western movies ever made.

  9. “True Grit” (1969 edition). This is one one the best Western movies on DVD not only because of its intriguing plot, but also because John Wayne won his only performance Oscar for his role in this movie as a rough, bellicose marshal looking for the killer of a young girl's father. The film was restored to its original brilliance on DVD.

  10. “The Magnificent Seven.” This film is a remake of the Japanese movie, “The Seven Samurai.” Yule Brynner stars as the leader of a group of gunfighters hired to protect a village from a bandit gang. Brynner complained that co-star Steve McQueen was a scene stealer. Several excellent DVD editions of this movie are available.

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