10 Best Wetsuits For Surfing

The 10 best wetsuits for surfing are all suits which provide you with thermal insulation, buoyancy and resistance to abrasion. Wetsuits also usually include the material foam neoprene that acts as a maintainer of flexibility across a range of temperatures.

  1. XCEL Infiniti Hooded Fullsuit. The XCEL Infiniti Hooded Fullsuit is a wetsuit that has lightweight, superstretch neoprene for full flexibility, but without the bulk that you normally find in wetsuits. Its seams are taped and sealed to stop water from coming in.
  2. Vapor Body Glove Hooded Full Wetsuit. This wetsuit for surfing is one of the most expensive on the market, but you get what you pay for. It is also the driest, warmest and lightest wetsuit on the market.
  3. Hyperflex Flow Hooded Wetsuit. This wetsuit, by Henderson USA, is a cold water one, and comes with an internal poly-fleece lining to keep moisture off the skin. Sealed and taped seams are also features of this wetsuit for surfing and they prevent water from flushing this suit.
  4. Billabong Solution Gold Hooded Wetsuit. From Billabong, this surfing wetsuit is a member of Billabong's Top of the Line series of wetsuits. It keeps you drier and warmer in the water by whisking moisture away from your skin.
  5. O'Neill Psycho II Full Wetsuit. Even more expensive than the Vapor wetsuit, this wetsuit for surfing is the best on the market. It features a semi-dry back zipper which stops flushing of your suit through a pullover neck seal and an exterior drain.
  6. NeoSport XSPAN Full Wetsuit. This NeoSport XSPAN Full Wetsuit features light and flexible neoprene in its construction. It also is made to last for years on end.
  7. O'Neill Boost Drysuit. This wetsuit for surfing is a baggy drysuit that is not made of neoprene, but rather of a nylon shell. You are recommended to wear your own fleece inside it for personal warmth.
  8. Quiksilver Syncro Short John Wetsuit. This wetsuit is unique in that it has no sleeves, which frees up your shoulders and arms to move freely. It is also a surfing wetsuit that is priced a lot cheaper than all of the suits on this list. Good for beginners.
  9. Body Glove Pro 3 Shorty Springsuit. This surfing wetsuit is priced relatively moderately and has a hoop and neck seal closure for a snug and tight fit. It is made from durable nylon instead of the usual neoprene.
  10. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Shorty Springsuit. The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Shorty Springsuit is flexible, soft and features very good seams. It is ideal for shallow water excursions and also easy to remove and put on again.
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