10 Best White Sand Beaches

When planning a vacation to the beach, looking into the 10 best white sand beaches would be important. A vacation doesn't come along often and when you book one it should be the best that it can be. There are many beaches to choose from but picking from the top ten best white sand beaches in the world will ensure an amazing, aesthetically pleasing holiday.

  1. Tayrona National Park. Visit Columbia to enjoy one of the ten best white sand beaches in the world. This is a beach for people in good shape because it is at least a forty minute hike before you even catch a glimpse of the water. It isn't your typical white sand beach because the rain forest surrounds it and it is quite rocky, but it is one of the most untouched natural beauties still able to be witnessed. Tayrona National Park: Santa Marta, Columbia.
  2. Las Islas Cies. Your eyes do not deceive you.  You have just stumbled upon a beach that looks like it belongs in the Caribbean. Turquoise water and pristine white sand make this beach unique to Spain and categorizes as one of the top ten best white sand beaches in the world. Las Islas Cies: Galicia, Spain.
  3. Whitehaven. There are many beach options available in Australia, but the beach with the most amazing white sand is Whitehaven. The sand is so white and so fine, you will want to bring it home with you. Whitehaven: Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia.
  4. Sinclair's Bay. When you picture a visit to Scotland, the furthest thing from your mind is the Caribbean. But when you get to Sinclair's Bay, you will see that the Caribbean has, in fact, invaded. Water the color of azure and beautiful white sand makes this one of the ten best white sand beaches. Sinclair's Bay, Caithness, Scotland.
  5. Nungwi. The finest, whitest sand is found at Nungwi. It is the true definition of squeaky clean. This is a great spot to snorkel and sunbathe as the water is the color of sapphire and the sand as white as a dove. Nungwi: Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  6. Playa San Juan. Step onto fine white sand with a golden sheen while visiting Mexico. Though the beach is known for it is snorkeling, that doesn't take it out of the running for one of the best white sand beaches. It is like nothing you have ever seen. Playa San Juan: Cozumel, Mexico.
  7. Orient Beach. Visit Orient Beach for a glimpse of gorgeous white sand mixed with tiny pieces of coral with the bluest of water teasing the shoreline. This is a beach that suits everyone's needs as there is an au natural area, vendors, restaurants, music and plenty of activities to take part in. Orient Beach; St. Martin, British Virgin Islands.
  8. Doctor's Cave Beach. This is an excellent beach if you are looking for a great atmosphere without giving up having one of the ten best white sand beaches beneath your toes. It is far from deserted but the water is crystal clear and the sand is super fine and soft. It's definitely a place you do not want to miss. Doctor's Cave Beach: Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  9. Trunk Bay. Saint John is known for their top notch beaches by every travel expert and professional tourist. The sand at Trunk Bay is some of the finest in the world. It comes from the coral reef which makes it extremely soft and white. The best part about this sand is that it doesn't end where the water begins. It extends into the sea making swimming and snorkeling a totally different experience. Trunk Bay: St. John, Virgin Islands.
  10. Honeymoon Beach. This is actually a beach that can be rented by couples. Yes, you can enjoy a white sand beach all to yourself. If you aren't looking to be alone, there are six beaches nearby that are open to the public. Fiji is another location known for their pristine beaches and Honeymoon Beach will not fall short when it comes to what you expect from the world's ten best white sand beaches. Honeymoon Beach: Turtle Island, Fiji.
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