10 Best White Wrestling Shoes

Interested in knowing what the 10 best white wrestling shoes are? These white wrestling shoes not only look good, they also perform incredibly well. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level wrestler, these white wrestling shoes are sure to help you improve your game.

  1. Everlast Elite Hi-Top. Everlast has built a name for itself as a premier brand for boxing gear and accessories. The Elite Hi-Top is unique in the sense that it may be used as a boxing or wrestling shoe. These shoes provides the needed grip for mat use and is not as stiff as conventional boxing footwear.

  2. Asics Fuerte. Admittedly, the Fuerte looks rather dated. Sporting an old-school look and a plain looking white with black trims design, it does not stand out as much as newer models. It is however, very dependable and durable and with a suggested retail price of under $60, it is certainly one of the most affordable wrestling shoes in the market.

  3. Asics Gel-Assault. The Gel-Assault is a good pick for wrestlers seeking wrestling shoes that have a stiffer feel to them. Thanks to Asics' unique Gel Technology, it also provides superior shock dampening.

  4. Asics Supreme Lyteflex 2. A favorite among hard-core wrestlers, this shoe features a unique laceless system. The open mesh design also makes it very breathable and allows your feet to stay cool.

  5. Nike Takedown. For recreational wrestlers, the Takedown from Nike is the perfect pick. Made from premium synthetic uppers, these shoes are also fabric lined with a lightly padded footbed for additional comfort. A white and black colorway with some bold graphics on the side makes the Takedown look good enough for leisure wear.

  6. Otomix Stingray. Non-wrestlers have probably never heard of Otomix. On the other hand, those who regularly compete in martial arts, MMA and wrestling are sure to be familiar with this brand. The Stingray is a true competition-level shoe and is the ideal choice for those who want to take their game to the next level.

  7. Matman Revenge. Although it may not have the bells and whistles of more advanced wrestling shoes, the Revenge performs well enough for beginners. With a retail price of under $35, seasoned wrestlers may even pick up this brand as a back-up or use it as training shoes.

  8. Adidas Adistar. The Adistar may be one of the most expensive wrestling shoes in the market. It is also one of the most advanced. With an ultra-light design, the Adistar incorporates the patented ClimaCool ventilation technology for a cool and dry performance. The unique SpeedHeel design also offers some of the best traction ever.

  9. Adidas Vaporspeed II. This is the signature wrestling shoes of renowned Olympic wrestler, Henry Cejudo. Among the various models in the market today, the Vaporspeed II is perhaps the one with the most radical look. It still incorporates all the elements required to be a good wrestling shoe but the fresh and modern look makes it a favorite among younger competitors.

  10. Adidas Mat Wizard III. Wrestlers who look to provide additional support for their Achilles tendon area are sure to enjoy competing with these shoes. Endorsed by John Smith, the two-time Olympic champion, these shoes are perfect for all levels.

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