10 Best Wide Width Cycling Shoes

Wide width cycling shoes can be hard to find so here is a list of the 10 best wide width cycling shoes.

  1. Sidi Zephyr Carbon Mega Road Cycling Shoes. These carbon fiber cycling shoes can be purchased in a wide width. The Sidi Zephyr Carbon Mega Road Bike Shoes has been a favorite among many road cyclists and now those riders with wide feet can get a pair. This cycling shoe is available in width EE for those with extra wide feet.
  2. Shimano SH-R240E. The Shimano SH-R240E is an expensive shoe but worth it to those riders with wide feet who take cycling serious and want top grade equipment. Even in large sizes this shoe is light as it has a carbon fiber sole for better energy transfer.
  3. Sidi Giau Mega MTB Bike Shoes. These shoes come in "Mega Wide" which will accommodate most EE width feet. If you want top of the line mountain bike shoes and have extra wide feet then these are among the 10 best wide width cycling shoes available.
  4. Diadora Team Racer Magnum Road Cycling Shoes. The sole one these wide width road cycling shoes are reinforced with fiberglass. The extra stiffness in the sole allows you to transfer more of your energy into your pedaling allowing you to go faster.
  5. Lake MX170 MTB Cycling Shoes. These cycling shoes come in a wide width and combined with the excellent value these shoes are well worth it to anyone who needs some great mountain bike cycling shoes. These shoes can also be used for cyclocross racing.
  6. BONT a-one Roadcycling Shoes. These Australian made road shoes are designed to fit a wide width foot. The shoe can be tightened or loosened to your foot using the ratchet style tightener. These shoes are hard to find in bike shops and you may have to search for them online.
  7. Louis Garneau CFS-150 Road Cycling Shoes. This is the top shoe on the list of best wide width cycling shoes for men. If you need an advanced cycling shoe for road cycling and have a wide foot then this is the most advanced cycling shoe available in a wide width.
  8. Sidi Dominator 5 MTB Shoes. If you need a wide width mountain bike shoe that also allows your feet to breathe then the Sidi Dominator 5 mountain bike shoe is one of the best wide width cycling shoes.
  9. Sidi Tork MTB Bike Shoes. These wide width mountain bike shoes are designed to help protect your feet in case of a crash. The Sidi Tork shoes are cheaper then the Sidi Dominator shoes but perform just as well. You can also put on toe spikes onto these off road mountain bike shoes if you so desire.
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