10 Best Wide Wrestling Shoes

If you have dabbled in the sport of wrestling, then you’re in for a treat with this list of the 10 best wide wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes commonly come with high ankles for additional foot support; however, there are other aspects that we should pay attention to. The following are the best wide wrestling shoes available in the market today

  1. Asics Split Second Wide Wrestling Shoe for Men – This wide wrestling shoe has a split sole for additional mobility, mesh top for comfort and breathability, and extended sole wrap for more higher side traction. This is one of the most famous wide wrestling shoes.
  2. Adidas Men’s Wide Response GT Wrestling Shoe– This shoe features wide base for glove-like feel, molded heel for support and grip. It’s also lightweight and durable.
  3. Nike Takedown– This wide wrestling shoe from Nike has an upper mesh for comfort, rubber outsoles for traction at any angle, and an ankle strap to lock in the laces. Designed mainly to give power, control and speed.
  4. ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 2 Wrestling Shoes – This lightweight shoe is designed for more agility during combat. An additional perk is the “Shine Up” lining that releases odor when exposed to sunlight. This means goodbye to bad-smelling shoes!
  5. ASICS The Glable Wrestling Shoes – A very rare pair of wrestling shoes, this probably ranks the highest among the best wide wrestling shoes when it comes to traction. A player often has to reserve them in advance in order to get them.
  6. ASICS Supreme Lyteflex 2 Wrestling Shoes – A laceless pair of shoes that is very helpful before, during and after wrestling. The material is made of synthetic leather, making it easy to put them on. No more slipping and tripping because of laces!
  7. ASICS Special Edition Cael Wrestling Shoes – one of the flashy shoes that you can have, it has Cael’s image on the sides.  It however does not demean the value of the pair.  It is made of breathable mesh, has great traction and side up lining for odorless shoes.
  8. ASICS Agressor Wrestling Shoes – The DuoSole Outsole decreases the weight of the shoes for more agility, but it also gives better traction it would frustrate your opponents.
  9. Adidas Mat Wizard III – This is the signature pair of John W. Smith. It comes with 360 degree ClimaCool ventilation with InsideOut heel liner to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  10. Matman Wrestling Shoes – The bases of these shoes are cut wider, providing more support and space for the big feet of our wrestlers. This is also more affordable than most other brands.
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