10 Best Wilderness Survival Movies

The best wilderness survival movies are filled with suspense and clever methods of avoiding certain doom. There's something fun about watching people outwit grizzly bears or crazy people in the woods, then seeing them cannibalize each other. The following wilderness survival movies are packed with suspense, clever characters, grizzly bears, crazy people and the occasional cannibal. 

  1. "Man in the Wilderness" Here's an enchanting tale of a Northwest territory excursion gone berzerk. A man escapes a grizzly attack and seeks revenge on those who deserted him in the wilderness. 
  2. "Deliverance" Another adventure into the back woods of Georgia goes berzerk. Four men go on a canoeing trip and Bobby gets raped by rednecks with rifles. The moral of the story is either don't talk to strangers or stay out of the American South. 
  3. "Red Dawn" America is invaded by Russia and Cuba and all the men in a small town are rounded up except for an army of meddling kids hiding deep in the forest. The rest of the men in town are forced to watch a stupid 1930s Russian movie as a form of torture. 
  4. "Into the Wilderness" Christopher graduates from college and decides to head to Alaska. When his car breaks down, he hitchhikes across the United States along the way. This film, which is based on a true story, is partially focused on wilderness survival with a major emphasis on his journey to the wilderness. 
  5. "Alive" "Alive" is a true story of a rugby team from Uruguay who crashes into the Andean mountains in a plane. The resulting adventures introduced the survivors to the art of cannibalism. 
  6. "The River Wild" A family rafting trip goes sour when dad saves a man from drowning and discovers that the revived man and his buddy are armed robbers running from the law. The two men force the family to take them down the river in the raft to meet up with their accomplices.
  7. "The Gods Must Be Crazy" A Coke bottle thrown from a plane becomes "a gift from the gods" to a primitive tribe. Also on the island is a South African teacher, a microbiologist and a group of guerrilla resisters. This is a crazy comedy movie that is remarkably reminiscent of Tom Robbins novels. 
  8. "Alone in the Wilderness" This is a documentary about Dick Proenneke, a 60s back-to-the-lander who lived in the wilderness that is now known as Lake Clark National Park. Dick recounts his daily activities in this true wilderness survival movie. 
  9. "Southern Comfort" A set of military drills turns into a real war for a group of US Army National Guard soldiers. The group gets lost in the woods and one of them shoots at the wrong person after stealing his canoe because he has a lot of friends with guns.
  10. "The Edge" Another plane crash brings a group of men on an Alaskan adventure. The pilot dies and another person is killed by a grizzly bear who stalks the remaining two survivors. The scenes are filled with suspense and mayhem, making this one of the most exciting and best wilderness survival movies of all. 
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