10 Best Windows Gadgets

If you don't know about Windows gadgets, you need to learn about the 10 best Windows gadgets. Gadgets are like tools for Windows. You can add search gadgets or games gadgets or any gadgets you can imagine. Here are the ten best Windows gadgets:

  1. MultiSearchIT. This best Windows gadget allows you to perform a Google search without opening up a Web browser. You can even customize the MultiSearchIt with the skin of your choice. The MultiSearchIT is free to download to your desktop.
  2. All Search V 31. The All Search is another best Windows gadget which allows you to perform specific search inquiries from a variety of sources. Simply select the domain(s) (e.g. Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube) and your default browser will return the results. You can either choose the returned results to display in a new window or a flyout.
  3. Bing Maps. The Bing Maps gadget can help you navigate the quickest route to your destination. Bing Maps displays traffic in your zip code in real time, so you can see the quickest path every time you need to go somewhere. Bing Maps is a free gadget. Note: This gadget is not compatible with all cities.
  4. BBC Radio. This best gadget allows you to access any BBC station from your sidebar. After you have downloaded BBC radio, right click with your mouse. Go to "options" and select the desired station.
  5. DriveInfo Gadget. The DriveInfo gadget tells you how much space is available on your computer's hard drive. DriveInfo is the best Windows gadget for you if you are concerned about storage space. The available space is displayed on your desktop in percentage available and GB available.
  6. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget is the best Windows gadget for you if you work on a wireless network. With the Xirrus Wi-Fi monitor, you will be able to access any wireless network in your range and receive constant updates through the desktop gadget. The Xirrus also looks professional.
  7. Tweetz. If you use Twitter, Tweetz is a best Windows gadget for you. Tweetz is a sidebar option which provides a feed of your twitter account information. Tweetz is free to use. You also have the option to sort reviews based on whether they are negative or positive.
  8. New York Times. This best Windows gadget provides you with the latest headlines from "The New York Times." There is no need to open a Web browser. Just customize the gadget based on what news categories interest you.
  9. Weatherbug. Weatherbug is a customized weather gadget you can download to your desktop. Weatherbug will update the weather in your area every couple of minutes. Weatherbug will also provide a seven day forecast and display corresponding photos.
  10. eBay Auction. If you use eBay, the Microsoft eBay auction gadget is the best gadget for you. eBay Auction can keep track of items you are watching and items you are bidding on. eBay Auction saves time because you don't have to check your email or eBay account to see if you are winning or when an auction ends. The information is constantly updated on your desktop.
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